From November 17 to 20, the Jazz en Ouche festival will “continue to explore alternative forms”

From November 17 to 20, the Jazz en Ouche festival will “continue to explore alternative forms”

Manu Lanvin, one of the big headliners of this 2022 festival (©JF Lescene)

In the absence of the theater at the address Eagle (Orne), Jazz in Ouche 2022 chose a shorter program. While the festival usually started on a Tuesday night and ran until the following Sunday, it will host L’Aigle, Aube, Verneuil and Crulai from Thursday evening.

The new director of cultural services of the city of L’Aigle, Grégory Barco, emphasizes “the desire of the program to continue to explore alternative forms of jazz”. This translates into a variety of styles that have always been interesting and beautiful at this annual event, from the “breathless spectacle” designed by Trash to “heartfelt crying”. Manu Lanvin passing through “a mixture between grace, gentleness and a certain commitment”, from Pauline Croze.

Suitable places for holding a festival

According to the DNA of the festival, Jazz en Ouche will go from town to village, often with a lot of work to adapt the venues to the demands of a quality show. If the Silo is “made for it”, the village of Aube, the gymnasium of Crulai and the Michaux hall in L’Aigle will have to undergo major modifications. “From Tuesday, October 15, teams will be present to start working on the transformations,” confirms Grégory Barco. The magic of this technique works every time and a large room with very average acoustics becomes a cocoon where art manifests itself.

Scratchophone Orchestra is a real discovery
Scratchophone Orchestra is a real discovery (©Thomas Ashtray)

Lower prices

Jazz en Ouche’s nomadic approach aims to bring culture as close as possible to the people, but the obstacle of price still disrupts this beautiful philosophy.

This year we are reducing the concert prices to make the festival even more affordable.

Gregory BarcoCultural season director

A show for 10 or 15 euros at the most, that’s a real bargain that the public will no doubt grab. A ticket that allows you to see all of Jazz en Ouche costs between 60 and 50 euros. That’s not even the price of one concert in bigger cities.

Thursday 17 November at 20:30 at the Aube Municipal Office, Les Desaxés.

Under the vaults of a subway corridor in a big city, a musician settles down to beg. As soon as he starts playing, another saxophonist takes his place and starts playing in his turn…the start of the duel! Then two more saxophonists appear in quick succession, also determined to try their luck. Then we immediately witness a real battle! Yet amidst this cacophony, a musical understanding suddenly emerges that surprises them all. Each stage of their journey, each emotion, each event, each situation corresponds to a different musical style, from Latin jazz to Ravel, from polka to funk, from Bach to Gershwin, from Debussy to Al Jarreau via jazz rock, gypsy brass band or Argentine tango!

Videos: currently on Actu

Friday 18 November at 20:30 at the Silo in Verneuil-sur-Avre, Scratchophone Orchestra.

A group that sticks to a simple formula, melodies carved into the raw material of 30’s swing, crossed with very current influences watering the electroswing movement. Beats playing this century’s most danceable rhythms of the last. Tracks with slick productions structured around the quartet’s singing energy that systematically electrifies the dance floor.

The Scratchophone Orchestra consists of Aurélien Mourocq dit “Le Gitan” (vocals and clarinet), Gabriel Bonnin (violin), Clément Royo alias Dj Royo (beats, drums and guitar) and Armand Delaval “Le Baron” (double bass). .

Saturday 19 November at 15:00 in the Michaux room at L’Aigle, a master class with the Eagle Méga Band and a lecture by Alain Siard.

The first part of the concert will be provided by the restitution of the L’Eagle Méga Band training course with music schools from around L’Aigle. They will offer new orchestrations on standards by Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker. In addition, 9E master class, Alain Siard’s conference will be on the theme of the great voices of jazz between 1930 and 1960, the golden age of great standards.

Saturday 19 November at 20:30 in the multi-purpose hall (gymnasium) Crulai, Manu Lanvin and The Devil Blues.

After three first albums released between 2000-2006, in which he emphasized mainly rock songs, Manu Lanvin finally found his most natural path with The Devil’s Bluesa power trio that fits him perfectly.

Appreciated by a growing audience at “Devil” concerts and praised by his peers, such as Paul Person who regularly joins him on stage or like Johnny Hallyday who invites him to provide his first parts, Manu perfectly supports the costume of a disillusioned bluesman who sings the silent wounds of life, while remaining an optimistic rocker who advocates the devil’s music for the better. world.

Sunday 20 November at 3pm at Aube Town Hall, Pauline Croze.

“I needed to take risks, to shake up the content as well as the form, to be tested.” It’s under the stroke of a pencil Joanne Sfar that Pauline Croze will return on October 8 to reveal an adventure that is more personal than ever.

The singer displays a calmness and relief specific to artists who have followed their intuition and their audacity. In a more modern and lively style, she overcomes this new spontaneity to deal with the upheavals of the contemporary world with distance and irony.


The rental office is now open at L’Aigle Town Hall (02 33 84 44 40) or at the online checkout. If tickets are still available, they will be on sale on the same day at the entrance to the concert.

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