French Cup. "What excites us at Mouen is playing football with the people we love"

French Cup. "What excites us at Mouen is playing football with the people we love"

Brothers Nicolas and Alexandre Musto embody the spirit of FC Mouen, where nothing matters more than playing with friends. ©Aline Chatel

They perfectly embody the spirit Tom Thumb. Qualification to 4E tower of French Cupthat from jerseys, players from FC Mouen he wonderfully illustrated the magic of the competition like no other. Who better than them to represent amateur football in all its glory? Here are these playersa bunch of friends who revived the defunct club a few years earlier. That was in 2016. Since then, Mouen has grown to a rhythm of camaraderie that is nothing out of date.

First, friends

The Musto brothers, Antoine, Alexandre and Nicolas, are among the pioneers. If the oldest, a Paris firefighter, is now less active, his cadets continue to invest with enthusiasm in a team that resembles them. “It’s not a big club, but that’s more than enough for us to play football and be happy,” says Alex.

In Mouen, according to the 24-year-old striker, the ball is not far from a nice excuse to spend time together, a “principle”. In a small clubhouse with yellow walls, Alexandre and Nicolas Musto talk only about feelings.

What excites us the most is playing football with the people we love.

Alexander and Nicolas Musto

Of course, the children of Mouen dream of the rise of D2, which has eluded them for years due to administrative reasons. It is clear that they want to get this Calvados trophy, which they were deprived of last season due to a dark reserve (“karma did the rest” when they fired their executioner Le Tronquay in the second round of the French Cup).

Fully invested players

But what they really want is to have fun together. “For four or five years we played without being able to climb, so without a real goal,” continues Alexandre. “It’s not serious. »

“Level has never been an obstacle because competition comes second. History preserves something else. Antoine, Alexandre and Nicolas followed friends who wanted to meet in Mouen.

We all played in local clubs and wanted to form our own team. With the help of our former coach Gérard Eude, everyone did their part. We didn’t give up.

Nicholas Musto

Passing through Fontaine-Étoupefour, Verson and Bretteville-sur-Odon, the Musto brothers found the essence of football they were looking for in FC Mouen. The Coupe de France contributes to shared happiness. “It makes us all the more happy when we experience it with our family spirit”, emphasizes Nico, the 22-year-old chef.

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Swimwear, “kif”

In the first round, Mouen put in a big performance, knocking out Port-en-Bessin, giving him back two divisions (4-1). After that, the draw was rather favorable for him, with Tronquay (D3) taking on and a trip to Lorey (D3). Mouen won both times 2:1. On Sunday, September 25, 2022 (3:00 p.m.), Mouennais will have another good card against Thèreval (D1).

We hope to advance one more round and then fall against a big team. It makes you dream of playing against a big club…

Nicholas Musto

Thursday, September 15, before light training, it was already time to clean up the dressing room of FC Mouen. A big party is coming up and it can only be successful in good company. For all the progress, the Mouen players deserved it. “Having jerseys is really cool.” It’s a great reward! »

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