French Cup.  Goudelin will challenge Pontivy in Round 5 on October 9

French Cup. Goudelin will challenge Pontivy in Round 5 on October 9

The Goudelinais, here in red, fell hard during the 5th round. ©JJLG

“All we were stealing was playing at home in this 5th round of the Coupe de France. The wish of coach Nicolas Curtis and all US Goudelin players and managers has come true.

“Rare Moments”

Rouge et Noir will receive the Pontivyen Stadium (R1) and will clearly not be favorites against Morhihanais, who played in N3 last season. “It’s a big piece,” agrees coach Anthony Curtis. They have ambition in the league and they are a great team. It’s a beautiful poster and after the derby against Lanvollon it will be a party with us again. The Coupe de France, these are rare moments to be cherished. »

The Pontivyens will not be favored on the complicated ground, and this parameter should allow the locals to partially compensate for the opponent’s technical superiority.

“Play Our Game”

And the teammates of the excellent Yves Marquier will play their chances without complexes. the pressure will be on their opponent’s shoulders. Let them win and they will create great success. If they lose, logic will be respected. “We will play our game thoroughly. The more time passes, the more it will work in our favor.”

In this state of mind, the Goudelinais will try to tease the Morbihanais as long as possible. And who knows. The Coupe de France has already brought some nice surprises.

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