Frédéric Sannier, the new director of the Abbeville Conservatory?

Frédéric Sannier, the new director of the Abbeville Conservatory?

Frédéric Sannier was hired as the new director of the Abbeville Conservatoire (© Le Journal d’Abbeville/File photo)

This news was just announced this Tuesday, September 20, during the Community Council of the Baie de Somme agglomeration v Abbeville.

On the occasion of the program item concerning CHAM (class with lessons arranged in musical accompaniment), Aurelien Dovergne urged the president of CABS Pascal Demarthe : “How is the recruitment process for the new director of the music and dance conservatory? »

Pascal Demarthe replied: “He is being recruited. It is Frederic Sannier who leaves the branch council and joins the conservatory. »

President of the company CABINS he clarifies: “he will only be in charge of the management of the conservatory and not of the Abbeville stages. It is true that there was a vacancy on this subject, but it was after the promotion of the director of the Abbeville stages (Aude Vaquette, editor’s note), which, I admit, could lead to confusion”.

Four candidates have applied to succeed Nawal Charbonnel, who left the Conservatoire last spring to join the Valenciennes Conservatoire.

A return to Abbeville for Frédéric Sannier, currently responsible for culture in the ministry’s council, who was previously director of cultural affairs for the city of Abbeville from 2008 to 2016.

Pascal Demarthe adds: “The new director of the conservatory will have two main missions. Obtaining within one year the label of a conservatory with the influence of the department and a wider opening with the aim of welcoming more students in the association of music schools and the harmony of the territory. He should take up his post on November 1. »

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