Four young people arrested at the naval base in Brest

Four young people arrested at the naval base in Brest

Four young adults were detained at the naval base in Brest, where they entered illegally on the night of Sunday 9 October to Monday 10 October 2022. ©Photo d’illustration Archives Côté Brest.

Four individuals entered illegally Naval base Brest, between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m., on the night of Sunday, October 9, to Monday, October 10, 2022. Spotted immediately cameras surveillance system as they walked through a gate near the district’s Lions building Capuchinsright bank, they were capturedintervention team naval base and transferred to naval gendarmes.

Urbex exercise

They are four young adults, three girls and one boy who, interrogated by the military, explained that they were indulging in Urbex (an urban exploration that consists of visiting places that are built and abandoned, hidden or difficult to access) and that they wanted practice in the base.

contacted, maritime prefecture suggests that the legal proceedings initiated should result in a simple reminder of the law for four young people, justified by “absencebad intention (confirmed that they mean no harm). But also because these young people don’t havecriminal record. »

Legal proceedings

However, the Maritime Prefecture reminds that “any intrusion in military grip is a punishable crime trial“. And that the episode “demonstrates that the surveillance system works perfectly, with well-trained response teams responding immediately.”

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