Fougères: Françoise Neveu leaves the Conservatoire after 30 years of teaching

Fougères: Françoise Neveu leaves the Conservatoire after 30 years of teaching

Françoise Neveu surrounded herself with instruments used to wake up 5-6 year olds to music. © Republican Chronicle

Almost 30 years after coming to CConservatory of the Fougères agglomeration, Francoise Neveu retire.

Angevine returned to his family’s roots in Ille-et-Vilaine and in September 1993 took a position at the then Fougères School of Music.

I started music at the age of 8 with music theory before turning to playing the oboe at the age of 10. Thanks to the associations that opened in the 1980s, I easily found a job in this field, but I was advised to get a diploma

Francois Neveu

She trained in Tours, then at the Training Center for School Musicians (CFMI) in Rennes.

Cultural events

In Fougères, he implements various projects with the teachers of the surrounding schools and their pupils, from the large section to CM2: “I remember the musical fairy tales staged at the instigation of the director Hervé Lelièvre. Pantin Pantine or Pinocchio brought together several schools accompanied by a music school orchestra”.

In 2013, she became the coordinator of music in the school and with educational partners and participated in some cultural events. Around fifty projects are realized each year and Françoise is responsible for five full-time musicians involved in the schools. “I also took care of the musical awakening of the little ones and the now-defunct Tutti Quanti children’s choir,” she underlines.

In 29 years of presence, François Neveu will be known by seven directors, from Yvan Sytnik to Augusto Machado via Catherine Lefaix, “a support, almost a mentor”.

From 1ahem he will officially retire in October. And it will take: “I don’t have any specific projects. I am a dreamer, I will have no more watches, no more time”.

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