For your good heart… how to respect everyone’s wishes regarding organ donation

For your good heart… how to respect everyone’s wishes regarding organ donation

To dispel misconceptions about organ donation, L’Aigle Hospital offers an exhibition (© Archive of illustrations

Removal of organs and tissues this is made possible by paramedics, nurses and doctors who are organized in units called “hospital coordination”.

These professionals are also responsible for carrying out communication actions regarding organ donation. In Normandy, these shares bear the name DOTis. The point is not to promote organ donation, but to ensure that everyone’s wishes are respected.

In the hospital from Eagle (Orne), Benjamin Debré is the organ and tissue donation coordinator. It will enliven the exhibition and the information stand Friday, September 23, 2022 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the corridor of Pavilion A of the hospital.

Fighting misconceptions

The theme of the exhibition is “Organ donation, beware of misconceptions”. There are many misconceptions surrounding organ and tissue donation. For example
“with all my treatments I can’t give”.

The problem is that these misconceptions keep people from expressing their wishes about organ and tissue donation. This exhibition aims to remove his inhibitions.

Day after, Saturday, September 24DOTis (Organ and Tissue Donation), which brings together the coordination of hospitals in Normandy, organizes a race in Alençon.

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