For three years he tortured the nephews for whom he is responsible in Caen

For three years he tortured the nephews for whom he is responsible in Caen

Hosted in Caen, children from Africa were abused by their uncle. Illustration ©Adobe Stock – Ievgen Chabanov

Oumar*, a 43-year-old man, born in Mauritania but spent his childhood in Senegal, was involved in violence against minors. He had to explain himself to the criminal court of the day Caen (Calvados), Wednesday 19 October 2022. The facts come from the period from January 2013 to January 2016 in Caen. The abuse involves four children, most of whom are now adults.

During the investigation, as well as at the helm, Oumar stands up: “I never hit! Never ! “. If he brought his nephews from Senegal, it was out of “pure humanity”, it was “because they lost their parents”, it was to “offer them a better life”, he assures us. He goes so far as to create a plot. However, the intervention reveals a completely different reality, the man appears to be more interested in social benefits than the welfare of the little ones.

Abuse as soon as it arrives in France

The children don’t seem to have enough food and are poorly dressed. Some end up regularly in the emergency room for examination or hospitalized. In 2016, an educational assistant and a social worker will collect their secrets. Everyone says they are regularly hit by belts, shoes, electrical wires, phone chargers…

Little Aya*, who he forced to eat with a belt until she vomited to force him to swallow his vomit, allegedly broke her arm in blows with a broom. Oumar says she fell down the stairs. When examined by a doctor, all four bear traces of blows, hematomas, scars all over their bodies. Oumar admits only one fact.

There is one, yes, he does stupid things at school and steals, I had to raise him. We Africans have things we do not accept.

Defendant at the meeting

The president replies that we have a long way to go and that he does not seem to realize the seriousness of the blows he has dealt.

During the investigation, the defendant’s former companion eventually confessed to abusing her children. “It’s a shame because she left me,” defends the defendant. But the president warns him that he is not accusing him and confirms that he never assaulted her. Yet he testifies “He brings the children of his brothers and sisters by authority, it is for the unification of the family”. Oumar, who arrived in France 20 years ago, has been in a wheelchair for several years. His record has only one mention of exploiting a weakness.

“We can’t make that up”

Moussa*, one of the children, now an adult, is present at the hearing. “He took me in to have a good life. I didn’t realize I was doing something stupid. When I did, he could hit me, no problem. But not in a bad way, a little pat on the hand. After being housed in a home, the young man found himself on the street as an adult, and turned to the only person he knew to house him: his uncle. Because his testimony during the investigation was very different.

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Magazine shots hurt the most. I didn’t want to go to France, he forced me to. You need a lot of children to receive benefits.

One of the victims, during the investigation

Another young man, still a minor, Youssouf*, was also present at the hearing. He said he was pinched and beaten from the age of 4 and grew up under stress. “We can’t make that up. He says he recently spoke on the phone with his mother, the mother Oumar said was supposedly dead.

“He beat till he was tired”

The lawyer representing Youssouf puts her feelings into Moussa’s speech. “He minimizes the violence to the point of denying it, he has no choice because his uncle is taking it. His discomfort is obvious. But when he grew up, he knows that no one will hit him anymore, uncle is not crazy, he could take a backlash.”

It describes habitual violence in its purest form, gratuitous and extremely serious considering the age of the victims. “He billowed until he was tired. It reminds us of a wild animal.” He is demanding €4,000 in damages for the young man, who managed to get in touch with his parents, who his uncle said were dead.

Due to the age of the facts, Oumar was eventually given a 16-month suspended sentence out of the 18 months requested by the public prosecutor. He will also have to pay the victims 3,000 euros for their moral damage.

*Taken first names.

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