Football.  Hat-trick scorer Nolan Lefèvre (Querqueville) found his way back to the goal

Football. Hat-trick scorer Nolan Lefèvre (Querqueville) found his way back to the goal

Querquevillais Nolan Lefèvre scored three goals against Créances on Sunday. (©Archives)

News: Should this hat-trick against Créances help your morale?

Nolan Lefebvre: Yes, absolutely, especially with that win at the end, it’s good for the whole team.

R3 (Day 5): Querqueville – Debts: 5-2

Half time: 5-2. Referee: Mr. Duval. Audience: 80.
Goals: Querqueville: Saussey (17 csc), N. Lefèvre (20, 35, 42), Hamon (26). Debts: Joret (10), N. Lefèvre (19 csc).
Warnings: Querqueville: Parron (46), Montiel (65). Claims: Nicolle (81).
QUERQUEVILLE: Le Dramp, Samba, Papet, Bihel, Montiel, El Fadil, Leonard, Le Grand, N. Lefèvre, Hamon, Parron, Cadel, J. Lefèvre, Thomas. Coach: Stéphane Soulard.
CLAIMS: Coupey, Torres, Lecornu, Nicolle, Saussey, Depoivre, Joret, Pien, Letouzé, Lemière, Groult, Boulland, Delalande, Soignard. Coach: Pierre Minguet.

How do you analyze this crazy first half (5-2)?

N.L.: Seven goals in one half doesn’t happen every weekend. We’re behind on their first chance, we equalize very quickly, then I score… I dreamed of a better first goal this season… But in the minute that follows, we get a penalty, which I mark. Finally ! There is no time to think, at the back, we push and score three more goals. It was pretty crazy!

Why couldn’t you unlock the meter?

N.L.: I don’t know if it was a lack of confidence. During day 1 we ran into the great Thomas Alix (Val de Saire). I had chances in the other matches, but it didn’t want it… I knew it would come back.

What ingredients does Querqueville need to sustain itself?

N.L.: We’re a bunch of friends, we’ve been playing together for a long time, we have to rely on that. It’s a homogeneous championship, everyone stands together, so we can beat anyone.

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