Football.  From SM Caen to AG Caen, Sabri Toufiqui hopes to move forward

Football. From SM Caen to AG Caen, Sabri Toufiqui hopes to move forward

Sabri Toufiqui played his first match with AG Caen in the National 3 against Quevilla. ©Oscar Bellec

As a teenager, many saw him as a future crack. Sabri Toufic was a training center nugget Stadium Malherbe Caen. He was 16 when he made his first steps in the reserve team. Nine years later, after loan spells at Rennes, Le Havre and Laval, the midfielder still wears the cats at National 3. He certainly played in the top division at Stade Rennais and featured three times in National with Laval, but failed to reach the heights he had hoped for.

The first revised approach

Sabri Toufiqui returned to the fold by making a late commitment to Avant Garde Caennaise. Last season, his signing in Vire should have allowed him to revamp the icing. The operation was quite successful. “I had proposals in National 2, but the project and the financial side were not great,” he said. Sabri Toufiqui then returned to Vire who completed his team. The first approaches with Avant Garde were not more beneficial. “I rejected his profile because I wasn’t in that search,” coach Olivier Meurillon explained at the end of September.

Federal contract in MCO

It was Morgan Hardoin, whom Sabri Toufiqui met at his gym in Hérouville, who made the connection between the club and the player. Sabri Toufiqui signed a federal contract with Avant Garde, whose coach he knew. The two men first met in the French U16 team when Olivier Meurillon was the representative.

So at the time, the path seemed clear for big brother Azzeddin. But successive elections – “not bad” – according to the person concerned) did not pay off, between pubalgia, change of coaches and “intrigues”. Sabri Toufiqui even spent a white season, in 2019-2020, during which he trained… with AG Caen.

The decisive pass in his first game

Today, the lefty wants to progress “step by step”. “I hope to bounce higher. He is having a good season with Avant Garde. The aim is to aim for the national level 2 with the club. “The presence of this great potential must contribute to this. Olivier Meurillon boasts a “very interesting analysis of the game” of his surroundings, to aided by his superb technical quality. Sabri Toufiqui, who lacks rhythm, settled for an assist in his first game against Quevilly Rouen Métropole amid a perfect performance. Encouraging, of course.

National 3 leader with AF Virois, with whom he shares a record of four wins from four games, AG Caen welcomes promoted Gonfreville, this Saturday, October 29 (6:00 p.m.). Gonfreville entered the season well with three wins and two losses.

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