Flers town hall fire: justice has just published its decision

Flers town hall fire: justice has just published its decision

Almost 3 years after the fire that destroyed Flers town hall, justice has just closed the file without further measures. ©L’Orne Combattante

On the occasion of various questions City Council of Flers which took place on Monday 3 October 2022 Yves Goasdouethe mayor of Flers (Orne), published this decision investigators and justice about the fire that destroyed Flers town hall in November 2019.

No connection to the dojo arson

I was the recipient of a classified notice regarding a fire investigation at our City Hall.

Yves Goasdoué, Mayor of Flers

To explain that he was the recipient of the investigative file, a document of 722 pages.

“I promised the most perfect transparency. Tonight concludes this difficult episode of our city. We have everyone was cheated, in fact, along with fires, are voluntary, in the dojo, and we made a connection between the two. The procedure proves that very quickly investigators separated the two cases and even canceled the procedure. »

The cause of the fire remains unknown

The city mayor explained that numerous hearings were conducted.

“Video surveillance of all kinds has been misused. The technical and scientific police carried out two expert examinations of the fire and the investigators were not able to find out who started the fire, but what was the cause of the fire. »

A number of elements contradict each other, but there is an investigation and the documents that have been provided to us are documents that demonstrate the extraordinary care that was taken to try to find out what happened and whether it was a voluntary act, who could be the author of this act. Nothing could be proven: not even the origin of the fire.

Yves Goasdoue

Yves Goasdoué wanted to thank the SRPJ of Rouen, the services of the Flers police station, the Argentine prosecutor’s office “for doing everything to try to find out the cause of this great disaster that has led to many questions between Flériennes and Flériens.” »

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