Fire / Firefighters: Internal Security Medal thanks to Senator Hérault Hussein Bourgi

Fire / Firefighters: Internal Security Medal thanks to Senator Hérault Hussein Bourgi

Hérault Senator Hussein Bourgi (©PS)

This is very good news which coincides with the current holding in Nancy of the National Congress of the Federation of Fire Fighters of Francein which Vice Chairman, Chief Controller Eric Florès, Director of the company Sdis of Herault : Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin spoke this Wednesday to create exceptional publicity Homeland Security Medal “Forest Fires 2022”. for the benefit of the professional and volunteer “firefighters” mobilized this summer.

“Darmanin said yes a thousand times”!

PS senator from Hérault, Hussein Bourgi he is not at all proud of the minister’s answer, and for good reason: he is at the origin of this unprecedented proposal submitted to the Senate Legal Committee and accepted: “Gérald Darmanin answered me yes, a thousand times yes!” rejoices Hussein Bourgi, who was alerted to the deployment of firefighters during a vegetation fire that devastated a thousand hectares this summer Causse d’Aumelas, West from Montpellier. But he also watched the long, intense and ferocious struggle of the “fire soldiers” in the Dantean disasters in the Gironde or in Brittany and Garde. “I thank the Minister of the Interior for his openness and speed in handling the request we sent him,” welcomes the senator from Hérault.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said yes to the Senate
Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin said yes to the Senate (©HB)

This Wednesday, Hussein Bourgi captured the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, and asked him to create a promotion outside the annual quota, the Medal of Internal Security (MSI), with a special “Fires de forest 2022”. “My appeal received support 83 other senators of all political persuasions. The 64 senators and senators of the PS are joined by the senators and senators of the LR, UDI, LREM, RDSE,” notes the official elected from there. Seduced by elected officials like the Home Secretary who caved in the heat of the moment. The work will go quickly : indeed, the Ministry of the Interior sets the criteria and quotas according to the departments, then Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, will receive “firefighters” from several Sdis territories where there have been large fires of vegetation, during a ceremony at the Elysée.

General Eric Florès director of Sdis 34
General Eric Florès, director of Sdis 34, learned the happy news in Nancy(©JMA/Metropolitan)

Communal Forest Fire Committees

The purpose of the MSI (Internal Security Medal) is to reward particularly meritorious service, especially exceptional commitment, intervention in a particular context, humanitarian action, or the performance of a one-time or continuous action beyond the normal scope of service. provided as part of internal security. “While the preliminary count estimates the number of fires declared in our territory at 265 since the beginning of the year, at more than 60,000 hectares of forest disappeared in smokeit is evident that our professional and volunteer firefighters, as well as the volunteers of Mr Communal Forest Fire Committees (CCFF) meet these criteria. France has been hit hard by fires in recent months. The damage caused is six times higher than the average for the last 15 years. Faced with this unprecedented situation, the firefighters, volunteers and volunteers dealt with bravery, courage and exemplary dedication. Bringing national solidarity into play within the profession, often acting outside their department, they not only put out fires but also brought relief and aid to thousands of French evacuees, residents and vacationers. I also think it is legitimate to show them the recognition and respect we have for them,” adds Hussein Bourgi.

The Hérault firefighters will not be idle this summer
The Hérault firefighters have not been idle this summer (©Sdis 34)

Senator Hérault assures that this creation of the Homeland Security Medal promotion with special “Forest Fires 2022” clasp is no budgetary impact on public finances. And in conclusion: “So it seems entirely justified and legitimate that the firefighters, in view of their deployment in recent months, can benefit from the recognition of the nation”. Hussein Bourgi was inspired because Gérald Darmanin quickly announced that he was favorably following the creation of this exceptional MSI.

Thousands of delegates

Sacred glad tidings for firefighters, greatly appreciated at the national convention, which is in its 128th year until Saturday evening in Nancy, where thousands of delegates, exhibitors and visitors gathered. Congress in a specific context climate deregulationwith the impact in the foreground on the French firefighters who, since this spring, have been fighting bad weather followed by numerous and destructive forest and forest fires throughout the country, the results of which (operational, human, ecological, etc.) are the most difficult since 2003.

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