Families on the streets: 25 children are still homeless in Le Mans

Families on the streets: 25 children are still homeless in Le Mans

Almost a hundred people gathered in front of the Prefecture on Friday, September 23, 2022 to support homeless families. © Maxime DAVOUST/Actu Le Mans

New Assembly took place this Friday, September 23, 2022 before prefecture of Mans (Sarth).

At the call of associations and unions, almost a hundred people demonstrated in support of dozens of families, without home.

25 homeless children

Since the summer due to the lack of sufficient places in the structures emergency accommodation, these people find themselves “on the street” which represents 25 children. They made their comeback, from kindergarten to high school, at the beginning of September, but without a fixed address.

On September 10, elected officials from Sarth sent a letter to the prefect reminding them that France subject to “obligations to protect and guarantee human rights of children, of refuges, of asylum seekers and all persons in the territory regardless of their administrative status”.

Busy town hall

“We’re coming in three weeks,” the representative recalled DAL 72 (Right to housing). This committee, with the help of citizens, undertook to shelter families in Barbora Municipal Hall during storms. A situation that has been going on since September 23rd.
“We are asking that the people who are on the street in Le Mans at the moment, and not just the people who are in Barbara, can be taken into account so that we can offer them a solution. »
The Right to Housing Committee rejects “solutions that consist of placing them in unhygienic hotels”.

Eligible for additional seats, the delegation was due to be received at the prefecture during this assembly on Friday evening.
The petition is circulating and has already collected almost 3,200 signatures.

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