Evacuation of the homeless from the municipal office: the mayor of Le Mans justifies his decision

Evacuation of the homeless from the municipal office: the mayor of Le Mans justifies his decision

Solidarity Assistant Yves Calippe and Mayor of Le Mans Stéphane Le Foll explain the request to exclude Barbara from the room. © Maxime DAVOUST/Actu Le Mans

From the beginning of September 2022, associations and people without home occupy the common room, the Barbara room, at Mans… without the consent of the municipality.

Due to this illegal occupation the mayor Stephane Le Follappealed to Justice expel them.

Families without emergency accommodation

A little comeback…
During the summer of 2022 due to a lack of sufficient places in the structures emergency accommodation, about ten families gathered without home.

The committee, with the help of citizens, has pledged to shelter these adults and children in a community center from September 1 while violent storms bear down on the city.
A situation that continues for almost two months after.

Meeting with associations

“We tried several times to make contact,” recalled Stéphane Le Foll this Tuesday, October 25. “We are used to solving these problems. »

This time, the town hall would be faced with a fait accompli, at the beginning of the school year.

The first meeting took place during the municipal assembly with associations, including the collective Protected and The right to housing (DAL) 72. They allegedly refused to disclose the names of the persons temporarily accommodated in Barbara’s room.

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“The risk is dismissal or OQTF (editor’s note: the obligation to leave French territory)”, specifies the mayor.

Elected officials ‘ready to discuss’

According to solidarity assistant Yves Calippe, “if there is a residence permit, we can help”.

After a letter from the association, elected officials said they were “ready to discuss” but asked in exchange for “the cancellation of the occupation of the neighboring house.”
City agents were able to go to the location and note the presence of the children.

In mid-October, the associations met at a meeting, which, according to the mayor, was “rather positive”. “If the children are outside, we will not be able to welcome them in a community center that is not designed for that, especially in the long term. »

“We don’t leave children on the street”

However, the discussion followed.

I have already met with the prefect so we can try to find a solution. We don’t leave children on the street. It is very clear to us. But you also have to follow the rules.

Stéphane Le Foll, Mayor of Le Mans

On Monday, October 24, negotiations with the associations were still blocked… “We do not have a relationship of trust, neither with them, nor they with us,” regrets the mayor. “In the meantime, I have decided to take legal action. »

Denunciation: the court should decide on Friday

Sentencing is expected on Friday, October 28. It will then be up to the state services whether to start evacuating the room or not.

“It’s a neighborhood house, not a place to stay,” emphasizes Stéphane Le Foll. “If there are people who want to engage in the politics of poverty, that’s their problem. But I don’t accept it. »
A speech already delivered at the last city council.

What is the fate of the family?

For Yves Calippe, “the real question that arises and should arise is what is the fate of the families that are in Barbara”.

However, the mayor takes the position: “Everyone has to do their part, but we can’t please everyone”.
He also reminds that “there are 5,000 applications for housing in the metropolis”.

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