Euros.  Sebastien Lecornu: "A visit to the Vernon Saturday Market is worth every poll in the world"

Euros. Sebastien Lecornu: "A visit to the Vernon Saturday Market is worth every poll in the world"

Sébastien Lecornu, President of the Eure Department and Minister of the Armed Forces. ©Facebook of Sebastien Lecornu

Despite its functions as Minister of Armed Forcesformer mayor of the city Vernon (Euros) always takes a sharp look at “his” city and canton. Still chairman of the department from Euro, Sebastien Lecornu provides up-to-date information on current topics in the field.

Around Vernon, several sets have been completed or are being completed (McArthurGlen, especially the Hopium installation). Is this a sign that the Euro is attractive?

Holding projects now, in this period of inflation and post-Covid, is a feat. In addition to the McArthurGlen project in Douains started many years ago, the Hopium installation (Editor’s note: announced for 2025) is great news. This bodes well for the economic development of the department, which will benefit from the creation of several hundred local jobs.

For Hopium, we brought the project to my former government colleague Jean-Baptiste Djebbari (editor’s note: ex-minister delegate for transport and now board member of a French start-up specializing in hydrogen-powered cars) and Olivier Lombardi.

Does this mean that your two hats, department chair and minister, help flesh out the files?

Since I became a minister, I now work more on large files. If I do not favor my territory, I nevertheless remain its ambassador in Parisian circles of influence.

More precisely, some are surprised by this double hat (head of ministry and minister). How will you answer them?

The President of the Republic gave me permission “for a while”. This situation is not meant to last and I will fix it soon. I wanted to implement certain projects that are dear to me, such as the Agence de la ruralité or the Assises des solidarités, as well as health issues. Please note that if I combine functions, I do not combine additions.

“I’m going back to Vernon as soon as possible to take the pulse of the population” Sébastien Lecornu

Also, I get really nervous once I’m away from my bases for too long. I return to Vernon as soon as possible, usually every weekend starting Friday noon, to take the pulse of the population and forward some files. And to be honest, a visit to the Saturday morning market in Vernon is worth all the polls in the world!

To return to the attractiveness of the department, Eure has to face, like many departments, the medical deserts that are becoming established. What solutions is the ministry planning?

In this area, the situation in the Euro remains fragile. Although this subject is not really within the competence of the department, we have noticed the creation of a departmental polyclinic with several antennas, we want to develop telemedicine especially for specialist doctors. In addition, we continue to work with medical schools towards interns to settle with us.

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Faced with inflation and the announced energy crisis, does the ministry intend to take measures for the euro?

There is already “energy support” for the most disadvantaged population groups. In addition, on September 23, at a plenary session, the department voted for measures in favor of university students (editor’s note: EUR 30,000). We have decided to freeze the price of meals in the canteens at 3.15 euros. Additional costs associated with inflation will be borne by the Ministry. There is no question of playing on the quantity or quality of meals at universities or raising the price.

Finally, the community must lead by example in the field of energy. The hotel department is a real energy network, it is necessary to work quickly.

Last June, five deputies were elected in Euro. Four are from National Rally, one from Nupes. Everyone is sitting in opposition. Does it complicate the agreement in the dialogue on the implementation of projects in the department?

I’m a Republican, so I respect the voters’ choice. However, no MEP has asked me for a meeting since their election. I find it surprising to say the least.

Findings and pre-election promises will have to pass the test of reality and results. And here I am skeptical.

As Minister of the Armed Forces, you are in direct contact with the conflict in Ukraine on a daily basis. How do you view this file?

At least on a daily basis. On Sunday morning I was in contact with the Russian Minister of Defense, in the afternoon with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, all from my home in Vernon. Fortunately, there are new technologies.

In Ukraine, we are in a conflict that may last. In the face of this unjustified and unjustified aggression, it is still necessary to help Ukrainians.

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