Euros.  Chambray follows its heritage

Euros. Chambray follows its heritage

The elected officials of Chambray have decided to start the process of renovating the Saint-Martin church. © Vernon Democrat

Work on the washroom and reconstruction of the church: Chambray (Euro) he is committed to his heritage.

On the occasion of the last municipal councilwhich took place on September 14, 2022the elected officials talked about the work in progress and the future operations that need to be done.

Liven up the washroom

As regards the laundry work, the council confirmed an estimate of another operation.

The craftsman who started the work will continue on the project. “With one person doing all the work, we save time,” elected officials say.

Located on the outskirts of Eure, at the exit of the village on the departmental road 63 in the direction of Fontaine-sous-Jouy, the washhouse was completely ruin.

Currently, the concrete slab is poured and the fragment remodeled. According to the craftsman’s latest advice, the municipality decided to add a series of stones to the structure so that “the water is always blocked, even in the off-season.”

Next step ? Deal with carpentry : several wooden parts must be reworked.

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Renovate the Saint-Martin church

Then it’s up to her church that Chambray wants to address.

“We had an appointment with the Bâtiments de France, more precisely the deputy regional curator, and he showed great interest in our church. »

Renée Matringe, Mayor of Chambray.

Two points will be worked in particular: renovation of the roof and renovation of two small ones altars.

In this process, the first city councilor can count on the support of his counterpart from La Saussay, who offered the elected officials to come and visit the newly renovated church in the city. Elected Chambrais representatives set up a working group to be responsible for developing the specifications.

“If we work regularly, we can expect to start work in 2024,” concluded Renée Matringe.

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