Euros.  After a storm, a septuagenarian falls from the roof and kills himself

Euros. After a storm, a septuagenarian falls from the roof and kills himself

A pensioner died after climbing onto the roof of a hangar in Villers-sur-le-Roule (Eure), Monday 24 October 2022. ©L’Impartial

Tragedy happened Monday, October 24, 2022. Afternoon residents Val d’Hazey he’s going to Villers-sur-le-Roulein L’Euroslend a helping hand.

A friend from Villers called him to help him fix it shelter situated on his land and which suffered in the course of storm since yesterday.

This 71 year old pensioner therefore he arrives at the place where the owner is already at work accompanied by a third man.

On the roof without protection

While the other two men are busy repairing the damage to the floor, Valdhazian climbs onto the ridge of the roof to repair a gutter located several meters above the ground. A maneuver he tries to perform without a helmet and without a rope to secure himself.

Unfortunately, several tiles slide under his weight. The movement causes this man to fall, falling on his head. Despite the arrival of the emergency services contacted by the owner, he died immediately.

Ongoing investigation

If accidental origin is not in doubt, the public prosecutor of Évreux requested an additional investigation and a medical opinion to determine the exact causes of death. The investigation, which was entrusted to the gendarmerie brigade Gaillon.

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