Étampes-Paris, Paris-Marseille… More challenges from Ludovico, the garbage star of social networks

Étampes-Paris, Paris-Marseille… More challenges from Ludovico, the garbage star of social networks

Ludovic during his tour of Paris to pick up trash and educate his audience to throw in the trash. (© MG / news Paris)

Along the boulevards of Maréchaux and the bridges in Paris, Ludovico think bigger. A Parisian garbage collector, a star of the social network TikTok, is not afraid to walk miles to pick up trash while raising awareness about being environmentally friendly. This Wednesday, September 21, 2022, he announced his next challenges: Etampes-Paris on October 21 and Paris-Marseille on August 1, 2023.

Several events to raise awareness

Ludovic is probably the most famous ripper in Paris. For the past two years, he has stood out on social media thanks to his videos, where he describes his daily life as a garbage man with humor and at the same time raises awareness about waste collection. He released on August 31, 2022 You’ll be a garbage man latera book in which “I talk about my life and all the awareness-raising events I practice around me”.

In recent months, he has multiplied them: a tour of Paris with boulevard marshals, a tour of 35 bridges of the capital, fishing with a magnet in the Seine… His fame has also grown: from 260,000 subscribers on TikTok at the end of August, it is currently close to 280,000.

Collect “as much trash as possible”

And he’s not going to stop there. On October 21, he will leave the town hall square inGrades (Essonne) walk to the town hall courtyard Paris“26. or October 27,” he estimates.

As in his previous events, he will be equipped with his rolling bag, this small cart used by all garbage collectors in their work and equipped with a garbage bag. Here, too, the aim is to collect “as much waste as possible”, he explains News from Paris.

Videos: currently on Actu

In this challenge, he will be accompanied by a subscriber who, also equipped with a bag roller, will help him collect waste. “There is also a person from Strasbourg who will drive to us for logistics, store our tents, our clothes, trash bags, etc.,” he explains. Ludovic hopes to find a fourth person to relieve the driver.

The 47-year-old garbage man currently plans to sleep in his tent every night, as he did during his challenges in Paris. “Then, if we find solidarity along the way, maybe we’ll sleep with people,” he smiles.

Distribution of pocket ashtrays

For his challenge Paris-Marseille, which he says will take “a long time”, Ludovic plans “a month and a week” to achieve it and will be accompanied by three other people. “If people join us along the way, all the better, it means we’ll collect even more litter and therefore do a better job, that’ll be a nice surprise! »

The details of the route have not yet been defined, but he already knows that he will go national N7. For logistics and for hygienic conditions, the Parisian ripeur would like to have “a motorhome or a van with a trailer”. This will also allow it to pick up “bigger” waste that it can take to landfill.

Always with an eye to raising awareness of respect for the environment, Ludovic will be giving away on his journey pocket ashtrays.

With all the fires there have been this summer, if I can lend a helping hand by reminding you to throw your cigarette butts in the trash and put them out properly, it might help the firefighters.


Supported by the city of Paris

These pocket ashtrays will be provided by the city of Paris, Ludovic announces. At the beginning of September, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, received the garbage collectors. “We didn’t talk about politics, but I was honest with her about the state of Paris, we talked about rats, cleanliness in general… She also thanked me for everything I had done and undertaken and assured me of her support. »

The elected representative of Paris also invited him to the Salon of Mayors and Municipalities, which will be held from November 22 to 24 at the Porte de Versailles, to talk about my project, “hopefully other mayors will help me”, a blasting machine.

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