Epon.  David’s Temple: we are busy preparing for the inauguration

Epon. David’s Temple: we are busy preparing for the inauguration

The students of the cultural action center are rehearsing for their performance on Saturday, September 24. (© Mereva Balin)

“The painters are finishing the final touches, we will be ready just in time for the inauguration,” announces Riccardo Giordano, Principal Architect of Historic Monuments.

It took almost a year of work and a budget of more than €380,000, divided between the Ministry of Culture, the Region and the Ministry, to restore the Temple of David to its former glory. Two crowdfunding campaigns were also necessary.

“This cradle of the republic was badly damaged, it was no longer without water, the glass roof was broken, graffiti was painted on the external walls and wood was being split in the interior,” complains Pascal Dagory, the deputy mayor in the heritage charge.

Elected officials were concerned that this type of indecency would be repeated and decided to install and glass entrance door and armored allowing one to see inside the building without being able to get there.

Some discoveries at the construction site

A view of the interior of the restored temple.
A view of the interior of the restored temple. (©Arch-R)

To get as close as possible to the original layout of the temple, Riccardo Giordano compiled period photographs and historical archives.

“There aren’t many first-hand sources,” he explains. We were based mainly on the correctional set from the end of the Second World War and some images from the 19th century. »

Photographs reproduced for an exhibition about life Marie-Jean Herault de Sechellesof the former lord of Épône and sponsor of the construction of the temple, on display until Saturday, October 1 at the Pierre-Amouroux Mediathèque.

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“Thanks to the inventory from 1794, we were certain that a fireplace was installed at the entrance on the left,” explains the architect. This element is rather a place of pleasure specific to the nobility of the Ile-de-France of that time. »

The bas-relief at the entrance has been completely restored.
The bas-relief at the entrance has been completely restored. (©Arch-R)

Indeed, if the overhanging columns of decorated capitals and the bas-relief of a woman dressed in antiques accompanied by an oil lamp and a rooster suggest that it is a Masonic temple, its first use remains unclear.

“The interior decoration was based on a strong and expressive choice of colors in terms of the oil-painted ceiling and representing and false heaven or the plaster cornice surrounding the great hall, also blue,” explains the architect.

Research in the Materials Library of the Museum of Applied Arts revealed a shade of green applied to the walls in the spirit of the wallpaper that adorned them at the time.

Musical ride during the revolution

The restored and restored David’s Temple will be officially opened on Saturday, September 24 at 11 a.m.

In the afternoon, the pupils of the cultural action center Dominique-Roux will offer two lessons out of one for free musical ballad in period costumes.

“In the park of the castle, they will play skits about the life of Marie-Jean Hérault de Séchelles and his wife,” says Pascal Dagory. In total, almost a hundred people will mobilize for the event.

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