Environment.  In the English Channel, these scientists will monitor the fish

Environment. In the English Channel, these scientists will monitor the fish

It is this type of acoustic receiver that Ifremer deployed to monitor the movement of perch, cod and lobster that were tagged. (©DP)

Ifremer realizes since then May 2022 sea ​​bass, cod and lobster tagging mission on The coast of Brittany and Normandy with support local fishermen. and Normandy Regional Fisheries Committee is also connected with this European research program called Fish Intel.

This marking is accompanied by the deployment of a network of sixty acoustic receivers, of which eight are bay of Seine. Each brand is unique and emits its own acoustic signal. It is these signals that the receivers register as soon as a fish passes by.

Manage human activities better

So it will be possible track movements of these three important species and identify their favorite habitats. This new information will be useful for better management human activities at sea such as fishing or development wind farms.

“The advantage of acoustic telemetry is the continuous recording of data on the presence of marked fish and, in particular, measurements bottom temperature », emphasizes Mathieu Woillez, Ifremer researcher and co-pilot of the project. “By combining this information, we will not only be able to improve our fish trajectory reconstruction model, but also understand the effects environment on individual movements and finally on changes in the distribution of populations. »

The first results are expected in early 2023

With this Fish Intel project, Ifremer should soon know how these species use their habitats on both sides of the English Channel, what their living spaces are, where they go to feed, grow and breed. Information that will also contribute to improving the management of fish stocks in the English Channel.

Three tagging campaigns were conducted. Out of more than three hundred fish, seventy-seven perch and one cod were marked ahead Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue. The first results are expected in early 2023.

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