Environment.  In Normandy, the groundwater level is rising but still remains too low

Environment. In Normandy, the groundwater level is rising but still remains too low

Despite the level, which is still too low, the groundwater level in Normandy is rising. (©BRGM)

Like every month, BRGM (Office of Geological and Mining Research) issued a bulletin on the hydrogeological situation. in Normandyon October 1The level remains low, but it is oriented upwards.

In France, this is not the case worldwide:

” In September, trends are contrasted according to precipitation and reactivity of water levels “, BRGM begins. “Although it is slowing down, emptying continues over much of the area, with most ground levels falling. Levels are rising or stable only in irrigated sectors it protects reactive aquifers, especially in the south and east of France.

Pivotal period

Many aquifers still show unsatisfactory levels, ranging from low to locally very low. The situation is particularly worrying on the karst limestones of Provence. The low water level is very pronounced here, with a very low level and several dry spots. Deep infiltrated rains had a positive impact mainly on Mediterranean coastal aquifers. »

Lautumn is generally a key period, between the end of summer discharge (lower levels) and the start of winter recharge (higher levels). But “seasonal forecasts Meteo France indicate higher temperatures across the country » and « no scenario is preferred for precipitation », BRGM indicates.


“The start of the recharge period appears to be approaching and groundwater trends should gradually reverse over the coming weeks. In October, levels should be on the rise in irrigated sectors harboring reactive aquifers, and the situation could then improve. Inertial sheet trends are expected to remain declining or slowly stabilize, and the situation is not expected to change. »


Heavy and prolonged rains will be needed in the coming months and into spring to sustainably replenish supplies. The situation will have to be monitored throughout the entire territory during the charging period”.

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