Emmanuel Macron on France 2: are the perpetrators mostly foreigners in Paris?

Emmanuel Macron on France 2: are the perpetrators mostly foreigners in Paris?

In France 2, Wednesday, October 26, 2022, Emmanuel Macron refused to make “an existential link between immigration and insecurity”. (© Raphaël Tual / Actu.fr)

“I want to distinguish between principle and facts. “IT Paristhe death of Lola, whose alleged killer is an Algerian in an irregular situation, has brought back into focus the controversial connection between immigration and uncertainty. He asked about it on France 2Wednesday 26 October 2022, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, it blew hot and cold. On the one hand, he refused to make an “existential connection between immigration and insecurity”. On the other hand, the head of state claimed that delinquency that they operate in the capital is mostly a fact of foreigners.

Half of the delinquency in Paris would be foreigners

“We can’t help but see it in Paris at least half delinquent acts that we observe come from people who are foreigners, either in an irregular situation or waiting for a degree,” he told a journalist. Caroline Roux. Contacted by user News from ParisThe Ministry of the Interior did not respond to our requests to confirm this data shared by the Élysée tenant.

In any case, this statement perpetuates the confusion. Does the President invoke the conviction or arrest of a court for delinquency? In August 2022, during an interview on the river provided Sunday papersInterior Minister Gerald Darmanin mentioned the arrest to him with the same rhetoric as Emmanuel Macron.

“The grandson of immigrants that I am does not link immigration and delinquency,” he assured, before stating that “48% of people arrested for delinquencies in Paris” are foreigners.

In France, 16% of convicted foreigners are foreigners

If no Paris-level statistical study has been conducted at the national level, the Ministry of Justice in 2022 states that 16% out of 426,147 convicts are foreigners. Still a significant share when they only represent 7.7% population living in France, according to INSEE in 2022.

But still, it is necessary to know what kind of delinquency we are talking about. A 2020 publication by the Convergence Migration Institute affiliated to the CNRS specified that the share of foreigners in all convictions varies significantly by the nature of the offences.

Foreigners are thus overrepresented in illegal work (25%), forgery in public or private writing (41%), customs offenses (50%) or offenses related to the foreign police, such as the regularity of the residence permit (50%). Violation of the law is largely related to the instability of their legal status.

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