Emergency situations, imaging… An 8 million euro project for Castelnaudary Hospital

Emergency situations, imaging… An 8 million euro project for Castelnaudary Hospital

Castelnaudary Hospital will be completely new within two years. (©Florian Moutafian – Voice of the South Lauragais)

After a project for 40 million euros, including the creation of a health center in 2021 Jean-Pierre-Cassabel Hospital Center of Castelnaudary is already planning new investments within a medical facility. Indeed, a global funding plan 8 million euros has been verified by the companyRegional Health Authority (ARS) Occitania this summer.

He understands it reconstruction of imaging services (mammography, radiology, ultrasound and scanner), emergency, follow-up and rehabilitation care (SSR) and layout new premises for a geriatric short-term service who has just moved to the hospital in Castelnaudary.

Renovated hospital

For this purpose, the hospital center created an investment plan financed through a loan and aid of approximately one million euros from ARS and 2.4 million euros from Europe and the region. “So that in two years the establishment will be completely new”, he blurts out Virginia Gomez, webmaster. Good news for the hospital that found its way:

We had difficult years, but we were able to specialize. We did not try to compete with the big hospitals, but rather to complement each other.

Virginia Gomez

So there will be a change. For example ? The hospital center will have several approaches reserved for its services (urgent care, imaging, ambulance, etc.).


After the end of the construction site, visitors board from the current entrance to the hospital enters a outpatient center (rheumatology, endocrinology, cardiology, orthopedic surgery, visceral surgery, addiction, etc.) good as new.

Virginia Gomez adds to this list perinatal center. That’s not all: “We’ll have a chance ophthalmologist at the beginning of 2023,” adds the director.

Renovated emergency rooms

and emergency it will now be at the back of the building, in the old renovated premises of the nursing home. “The current premises are too small,” notes Virginie Gomez. Before highlighting the significant increase in the use of this service: +8% between 2021 and 2022.

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Number short-term care unit (UHCD) beds should be doubled from two to four or five. According to the director of the hospital center, the patient boxes must be from four to eight, or even nine.

The service will also have two vital emergenciesagainst one currently.

The Smur campus it will be integrated again into a new building with a garage and dedicated spaces.

Imaging department

Currently on the ground floor, the imaging department will be on the first floor after the work is completed. “There, the development is even stronger than in the emergency room: we need more places, and thus larger spaces,” the director points out.

Virginia Gomez again cites some numbers to support her claim: 2,000 mammography procedures, 7,800 scans and 22,000 X-rays and ultrasounds in 2021. “We’re a local offering that avoids roads left and right,” he comments.

He is also planning a hospital center get a new scanner.

Geriatric and SSR short-term stay

New service, short geriatric stay enabled the opening of ten additional beds within the Chaurien facility with a specialist doctor. “Given the needs of the population, it was necessary,” explains Virginie Gomez. He too will move after the work is done.

As regards Follow-up and rehabilitation care (SSR), they will be on the second floor in the renovated premises.

A calendar and a longer-term project

Work is expected to begin within five to six months, i.e. in the first half of 2023. A building permit should be issued in the near future. The director therefore hopes for delivery within a year and a half..

That’s what Virginie Gomez hopes tooa day care center will be able to be opened within the medical facility. A study of needs in the area is planned for 2023.

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