Economy: a temporary agency opens in La Toque Angevine in Segré

Economy: a temporary agency opens in La Toque Angevine in Segré

Guillaume Cantin, Nicolas Huron, Anthony Robin and Annabelle Bourgaud. In La Toque Angevine de Segré (Maine-et-Loire), the hosted agency officially opens on October 3, 2022. (©Haut Anjou)

For RandstadIt is first in Segréen. L’Actor’s agency opens what he calls a hosted agency inside yourself Angevin Toquein Segre (Maine-et-Loire).

“We are officially launching October 3, 2022, but we are already in the preparation phase. Those interested can already contact us,” he explains Anthony RobinRandstad regional manager.

The concept remains simple but innovative: “The idea is to have a dedicated team to a single client, here at La Toque, to meet their needs for temporary workers. We are hosted directly on the spot. »

Among the assets presented by Anthony Robin, who is in charge and Mayenne and Maine-et-Loirecandidate continuation:

“The hosted team will know the expectations of the company, its needs. We will know how to present the mission and be able to integrate the person on site. We also have a support and follow-up component for this person in the interim.” .”

Anthony Robin

Slowed down activity

The great recruitment difficulties explain this new option chosen by La Toque angevine, which has a shortage of staff:

“Today, we have a big shortage of staffand for several months now,” says Nicolas Huron, the company’s manager, clearly.

“It is a factor that limits the development of the company. Because of this problem, we cannot respond to all orders.”

Nicholas Huron

Several options

Annabelle Bourgaudhead of human resources, in this launch sees “a another way find candidates. “Now we have to multiply the resources to be able to recruit.” »

Videos: currently on Actu

“We have great opportunities progress in the companywith good training”, he adds Guillaume CantinHead of Production.

That’s all they are 50 temporary workers whom La Toque is trying to recruit. “And we also design quicklyhire motivated people,” concludes Nicolas Huron.

Practical: Contact the Randstad agency hosted in La Toque on 06 13 52 05 98 or by email at [email protected]

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