During her own funeral, she knocks on her coffin to indicate that she is not dead!  – There was once a pub

During her own funeral, she knocks on her coffin to indicate that she is not dead! – There was once a pub

Many people have had a nightmare from which they woke up coffin and I don’t know how to get out. But for a woman from Peru, this nightmare has come true. Such an event does not happen every day. Peruvian woman, declared dead, Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca, when she was supposed to be buried, he surprised his family when he woke up. Story incredible which did not surprise everyone present. Due, this amazing and terrifying case which shook the Peruvians.


They exist between speeding and fatigue many reasons that can cause traffic accidents. More and more accidents are happening on the roads. Whether it’s a simple hiccup or a fatal accident, can affect the lives of victims forever. Now you could almost say it was an accident a woman from Peru wasn’t the most traumatic part of the whole situation. Many victims lose their lives every year as a result traffic accidents. And that seemed to be the case with Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca. AND a terrible accident that resulted in injuriesbut especially fell into a coma. In the hospital where she was, according to the medical staff, she even succumbed to her injuries. Gold, his funeral proved otherwise.

After receiving the bad news, the family of Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca decided to start the funeral. Flowers, place, date… All organizations ready to say goodbye to this woman, he died in a terrible accident. Now the woman they thought deceased, actually turned out to be in a coma. And as you might guess, when he woke up in a coffin, everyone was shocked.

She wakes up at his funeral

As the family began to say their goodbyes before being placed underground, native Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca, she woke up…in her coffin. So it was an incredible story that shocked everyone present. This event is definitely a story that doesn’t happen every day and luckily! A Peruvian family mourned the death of their loved one. When suddenly, they heard a noise coming from the coffin. Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca really did not succumb to her accident and drummed on the coffin k sign of life.

At first, family and relatives thought the noise was coming from somewhere else. However, after a while they understood that it came from the coffin of Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca. Faced with this incredible scene, the relatives present at the funeral defunct he immediately thought of dismissing her. ” She opened her eyes and began to sweat. I rushed to my office call the police “, our colleagues from the Daily Mail instructed the guardian of the cemetery. The Peruvian was indeed alive and could be find buried alive.

Serious medical error

You understand that such a situation does not happen every day. It even seems impossible for this to happen to a loved one. However, for this Peruvian family, the terrible story at the funeral of Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca really happened. The woman was then taken to the hospital without further ado. However, due to complications the other lost her life… really. According to health professionals it would be serious medical malpractice. Doctors seem to have mistaken deep unconsciousness for a state of death. A mistake she shouldn’t have will never happen and left loved ones Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca in shock.

In utter shock, the victim’s aunt said: ” We want to know why my niece reacted when we wanted to bury her. We have videos of him pushing his coffin “. It should be noted that cases resurrection it doesn’t happen every day like this. Difficult exam for everyone involved and present at the funeral of Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca.

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