Dose.  The Mauroux dispute is gaining ground over the shading structures

Dose. The Mauroux dispute is gaining ground over the shading structures

More than a hundred people attend a public meeting in Mauroux in the Lot about the photovoltaic shade house project. (© Actu Lot)

On Friday, October 14, 2022, more than a hundred people moved into the municipal office Maurouxin a valley Dose not far away Puy-L’Evequeat the request of the new collective “Protection Environnement Patrimoine”.

“Don’t give up anything on substance, renew the debate, stay alert and united in the spirit of consultation,” is what President Jean-Pierre Jouannic, a former mayor of the city, keeps repeating.

220 signatures in 6 days under the petition

At his side was a representative of the “Just Environment” association from Montcuq, which is fighting against the same shadow house project. From the beginning of the session, the framework was set as follows: the president thanked the mayor, Jean-Marc Xuereb, who “fully agrees” with him, made an initial assessment of the petition that collected 220 signatures in 6 days, announced the absence of farmers in the room “to avoid conflicts”.

“We are not against farmers or photovoltaic panels,” he assured in the preamble to the history of the situation. He explained the real meaning of the word “canopy”, in his opinion cheated by the TSE to get the project better accepted.

Lack of clarity

The criticisms basically relate to insufficient consultations and explanations, and thus to the comprehensibility of the project, prepared according to them “with finesse”; on the excess of affected areas in 15 municipalities, 3 unions, 400 ha or 356 football fields; to skepticism regarding the relevance of the plantations planned under the shade houses (red fruit), their irrigation and the reported water savings.

As for the consequences, the opponents of the shade houses do not fail to point out: “devastation of the territory and good life, visual and sound nuisance, deterioration of tourism”. In addition, the president believed that a harmful climate was being created between the pros and cons: the project sows discord ».

The ecological side emphasized the increasingly important artificiality of the soil, the failure to preserve local flora, and the dependence of farmers: “Contracts over 40 years and how will they behave after that”? Especially since the main financial beneficiaries of the project seem to be the 3 farmers of the commune concerned through the ASA du plateau Guy Delbès and Christian Izard (President and Vice President). “No rules, little hindsight, no studies” all this means to opponents of “alibi projects” where communicators are “paid to smoke us out”!

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This is exactly what Jean-Pierre Jouannic tried to thwart by unmasking the presence of a “hidden” speaker in the room, apparently sent by TSE (and the civil services?), in this case Philippe Vervier of ” Acceptable avenirs”, who eventually presented themselves.

Trained in the “construction and animation of pilot cockpits of social acceptability”, this director of research at the CNRS from 1991 to 2009 has a visible experience “in communication strategies, in strengthening membership through dialogue”. This gathering of a hundred people theoretically against the project apparently did not frighten him, given his professional experience: he claimed that he had correctly informed the population about the distribution of pamphlets and insisted on “the introduction of new laws accelerating renewable energies, for imperative reasons of great public interest and his sincere desire for exchange, balancing other perceptions and points of view’.

City Council against

Mayor Jean-Marc Xuereb, for his part, recalled the reasoning against the unanimous decision of his city council, his request for discussion, AP zoning and the PLUI regulation towards the Community of Municipalities and the validation of the project. a collective in a cooperative photovoltaic model with other municipalities of the plateau and its inhabitants, on a “human scale”. “The city council will go all the way,” he assured. The Mayor of Floressas, Alain Dutranois approved this speech.

A representative of the Montcuq “Just Environment” collective recounted the history of their struggle against “the industrialization of the shadow house project (1st victory with the rejection of the prefecture of the 66-hectare project), about the necessary vigilance of expanded agricultural production. income in excess of income from photovoltaics”, advocating “legal action for the resulting devaluation of the property”.

“We chose the most sober project that respects our territory and its citizens the most, that preserves our landscape, our quality of life, our tourist economy. We certainly need renewable energies, but not just anywhere, any way and at any price! concluded Jean-Pierre Jouannic.


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