Dose.  The Lot of Addictions France branch celebrated the association’s 150th anniversary

Dose. The Lot of Addictions France branch celebrated the association’s 150th anniversary

Lot Addictions France branch as well as Addictions France Occitanie. (© Actu Lot)

In France, most departmental branches organized an event on the anniversaryAddictions Association of France.

Friday the 16th September 2022, incongress space in Cahors, the Lot office, which radiates through Cahors, Gourdon, Figeac, Saint-Céré, surrounded by its partners and Muriel Nivert-Boudou, regional director of Occitanie, organized the morninginformation to trace back the main linesshares since its inception in 1872.

Lots of support

Many partners who accompany and support were present Dependence of France : directors social structures, medical-social, police representatives, gendarmerie, social center, ARS, SPIP, CEIIS, but also elected officials and many health workers.

Care, information, prevention are the main guidelines of the Center de Soin dSupport and prevention in addiction. Dependencies have changed a lot over the years, e.gadapting for the most part to the phenomena of society.

Main reasons for consultation withthey are the center : alcohol (42 %), tobacco (29 %), cannabis (16 %), other drugs and drug abuse (11 %), non-substance addictions (games, online games, screens).

Incarceration was a very strong indicator. Indeed, the number of people who came looking for “lhelp’ with CSAPA has skyrocketed. The numbers were multiplied by 5.

“For example, there has been a change in relation to the games. People who used to play occasionally before being incarcerated got a little more carried away. Added to this was the psychological decline, not forgetting that there was a social pause due to the isolation, so the temptation of screens and online games was very strong. But in addition to the increase in the number of people, consumption practices are indeed changing. Today, young people are highly influenced and this audience is new to the department. In addition, new addictions that have rapidly devastating effects, such as fentanyl or nitrous oxide (laughing gas), have not been spared. But we remain positive in the face of various problems because we were able to re-establish connections, weave bridges for better interaction. And for people who come to us, our first “major” success factor is first and foremost not being judgmental and having a trusting environment. Speech is also a necessary tool in the fight against the phenomenon of addiction.

Sophie Brossouzedepartment head of the Lot d’Addictions France branch


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