Dose.  The descent into hell of a 20-year-old who became "completely out of control" in Figeac

Dose. The descent into hell of a 20-year-old who became "completely out of control" in Figeac

The 20-year-old left the courthouse in Cahors for prison… (©JCB)

This Tuesday, October 25, 2022at 2 p.m., Sylvain (first name changed), 20, stepped forward Cahors Criminal Courtafter a series of acts committed in Figeac, on the night of October 21-22, 2022. The young man is held accountable for six offenses. He is accused of death threats, insults, violence and rebellion towards the gendarmerie soldiers. Sylvain is also being prosecuted for insulting nursing staff at the Figeac hospital and for destroying emergency equipment…

The youth, who was brought before the courts as part of a so-called “immediate appearance”, agreed to be tried on the spot.

After a signal from passers-by…

On the night of Friday to Saturday, October 22, passers-by called the gendarmerie from Figeac, who saw a man lying and sleeping at the level of the roundabout. While they were trying to help him, he acted violently by manipulating them with all sorts of insults. After the police arrived, the situation quickly deteriorated. A strong alcoholic and under the influence of narcotics, the young man proclaims a litany of outrages that President Philippe Clarissou hardly dares to name… During the journey to the detention room, insults and kicks rain down on the forces of the order. , who will have to give him the first shot with a taser (electric pulse gun). Sylvain tried several times to invalidate the vehicle with kicks. Next is the passage to the hospital in Figeac, with always the same difficulty for the gendarmes to arrest the madmen. His words and gestures target the nurses and doctors before attacking the medical equipment and destroying the alarm box. The gendarmes then use the taser a second time. The return to the brigade turns out stormy! The gendarmes wipe saliva on his face as they try to photograph him.

Behavior that has become “out of control”

President Philippe Clarissou questions the defendant about this increase in violence.

– “I was so drunk, I’m so sorry ! » says Sylvain, who has been keeping a low profile since his arrival at court.

Blood alcohol tests revealed 1.97 grams of alcohol in the blood on the day of the incident. Sylvain spent the evening in a nightclub where he indulged in whiskey and cannabis.

– “I don’t remember much It’s serious, I regret it all ! Taser, I didn’t even feel it, I was so sick ! » he adds.

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Two gendarmes called to testify confirm the “completely uncontrollable” behavior of the defendant. After a more than 20-year career, one says he’s about to file a second complaint, and the other says he’s using a taser for the second time.

However, what remains even more inexplicable than this first part of the case is the finding that the day after the events at 16:45 when he was taken into custody, the insults and outrages against gendarmes continue.

“It won’t be possible to hear it at any moment ! confirms a soldier from the gendarmerie.

At the meeting, Sylvain repeats his apologies, stating that if asked, he would clean the cell where he urinated and other…

“20 years your only auspicious element! »

“Honestly, I’m not like that, I’m sorry ! » the defendant repeats again.

By looking at the criminal record, the president records 4 mentions in the criminal record (violence, theft, driving without a driver’s license, etc.), two of which fall under the Juvenile Court Mamoudzou. Sylvain is currently under judicial review in the context of the narcotics case, for which he is summoned to court on December 8. A member of a family of 13 children, Sylvain finished high school without finding a job or completing qualifying training. He has been living in Lot, where part of his family lives, for almost two years. As for his future, Sylvain seems to be having trouble thinking about it for now…

Today’s case puts him in a delicate position, facing 9 people who have filed a complaint, including 5 gendarmes who have filed a civil action, each seeking €600 in non-pecuniary damages.

“You’re 20. let, and that is the only favorable element in the set ! » comments President Clarissou, disarmed in the face of this profile.

Patrick Serra, Assistant State’s Attorney, maintains the recidivism of violence and harshly reprimands the defendant for his behavior, which has continued over time and beyond the sobriety phase. He notes with indignation that the judicial review to which the defendant was subjected was not respected. “Now only the prison-box remains, for all the measures which justice has promulgated have been without effect.” warns. He urges the defendant to use this period of incarceration to prepare a real integration project. He is seeking 12 months in prison, 6 of which will be suspended on probation for 2 years, with a duty of care, work and a 5-year weapons ban.

He comes from the poorest department of France…

I Irène Alexopoulos, Sylvain’s lawyer, defends the stupor into which her client fell by smoking cannabis and drinking until he was completely intoxicated. He reports the words of a gendarme who induced a state of “delirium tremens”.

– “He is not the same person today and it took him time to find his whole soul” she says. He apologizes repeatedly. Then he evokes the difficult life course of Sylvain, who came from Mayotte, the poorest overseas department in France, where 80% of the population lives below the poverty line. “You must be aware of these facts, even though Sylvain’s behavior is intolerable!” » she continues. He is looking for community service “Which would have the merit of getting him settled in his working life and opening other doors for him. »

However, the court turned a deaf ear to this proposal and after hearing it sentenced Sylvain to 18 months in prison, including 12 months suspended for 2 years. This sentence of 6 months imprisonment is accompanied by an obligation to work and care. The five civil parties are admissible and will each receive the sum of €400 to be paid by Sylvain. In the end, Sylvain is banned from carrying a gun for 5 years. He has 10 days to appeal.

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