Dose.  Ceremonial opening of the Filaos workshop in Prayssac

Dose. Ceremonial opening of the Filaos workshop in Prayssac

A visit to the Filaos workshop in Prayssac in the Lot with staff to meet local elected officials and officials. (© Actu Lot)

On Friday, September 16, 2022, a project prepared for more than a year by the association “La pause aux filaos” of Luzech, which took place at 16, avenue du Lot, in the craft zone of Meymes to Prayssac in Dose.

“Filao Workshop”, integration project as part of the furniture recycling center, it was therefore inaugurated in the presence of the new prefect of Lot Mireille Larrède, regional councilor Brigitte Rivière representing the representative Aurélien Pradié of Nelly Ginestet, the vice-president responsible for the action of the council of the department, Serge Bladinières, president of the community of the municipalities of Lot Valley and Vineyard, the mayors of the towns of Prayssac and Puy-l’Évêque and numerous elected officials, Michel Arnoux, president of the association, Évelyne Galvan-Vinysale, director of the organization behind the association, which also celebrated its tenth anniversary that day, Lionel Laffargue, workshop manager, officials from the Lot food bank, ten employees all in in blue, many volunteers, supporters, partners and relatives who created an impressive gathering on the spot of more than one hundred and fifty people.

Restoration of furniture

“L’atelier des Filaos” wishes to complete the offer of services aimed at women in precarious situations and to devote itself to the restoration and modification of furniture. The opening of this space in July 2022 was accompanied by “COORACE Occitanie”, with values ​​of respect, dignity, solidarity. This offer of professional integration responds to the financial autonomy needs of these accompanied or accommodated persons. This signifies the importance of its existence; moreover, it is the first structure directly connected to the social and solidarity economy dedicated to women in the territory of the Lot Valley.

During the visit, the participants could discover clean, bright, spacious and functional spaces in these new buildings, divided into several parts: the carpentry restoration workshop, the creation, the tapestry and the sales area open to the public. Technical supervisor Matthieu Andrieu has been providing help and advice since June in a benevolent and good-hearted atmosphere: Robert Lamoureux’s text on “Praise of Fatigue” covers the wall of the workshop, a view of the inhabitants of the place, who in addition guided the visitors with kindness and obvious happiness, giving mostly information and explanations, who asked for it.

Women’s rights

The official speeches were unanimous in praising the event and praising the initiative that will now count in the landscape of the territory, as the workshop also makes it possible to fight against waste and contributes to economic and environmental issues. “A male president,” as the prefect remarked, impressed by the motivation of those involved, “is good because these issues are everyone’s business. This place is a shelter in the storm, working to advance women’s rights.”

Because filao, a tropical tree nicknamed “iron wood”, inspires a symbol of strength and resistance to any weather! A visibly moved Évelyne Galvan-Vinysale reservedly hinted at the difficulties encountered on the well-trodden path, referring to the human values ​​inscribed on the shields of the Republic, liberty, equality, fraternity. “Victory for all women,” added Nelly Ginestet, supported by Brigitte Rivière, who recalled the law initiated by Aurélien Pradié on the subject.

La Pause aux Filaos has been working for ten years to support and provide emergency accommodation for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. In Luzy, instead of receiving and listening, it informs, guides and respects autonomy. It is also a space for social life open to all, through collective projects such as shared gardens, cyber relay, well-being activities, and allows assistance with access to leisure activities or participation in events such as solidarity workcamps, cooking workshops, family evenings , film debates and more.

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This anniversary was then celebrated with dignity in the very well-decorated space of Maurice Faure, where there was an exhibition of photographs and written testimonies on the subject of abused women, as well as a guest book.

From now on, everyone will be able to participate in this circular economy in several ways: by donating furniture, fabrics, lights, paints, tools to the recycling center, buying modernized furniture or offering their know-how and knowledge sharing. , or simply by letting people around you know about this project!

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