Dose.  Cahors butcher Ghislain Compozieux, winner of the National Excellence Meat Trophy

Dose. Cahors butcher Ghislain Compozieux, winner of the National Excellence Meat Trophy

Cahors butcher Ghislain Compozieux winner of the 2022 National Trophy for Meat Excellence. (©Archives Actu Lot)

Ghislain Compositionsartisan butcher v Cahorsin Dosemoved back National Excellence Meat Trophy in the Limousin Label Rouge Beef category, this Thursday, September 22, 2022.

The jury of the National Meats of Excellence Trophy met on Thursday 22 September 2022 in Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, to honor 10 artisan butchers and large and medium surface (GMS) professionals for their exemplary commitment to the official Label Rouge and/or access to quality protected geographical indication (PGI). And he’s a butcher Cahorslocated on Boulevard Gambetta, Ghislain Compozieux, winner of the national trophy in the Limousin Label Rouge beef category, with a wide range of Limousin Label Rouge cuts and products.

All his meat under the quality mark

Ghislain Compozieux, 39, is a child of Lot, a man of tradition associated with the products of his region. After training at a hotel school in Limoges, he joined the family butcher shop in Cahors, where he perfected his know-how.

At the head of a team of 9 people, he offers a a wide range of quality meat.

All the meats offered are under the official label of quality Label Rouge and IGP: Veal raised under the coat of arms of the prestige mother, Quercy Label Rouge farm lamb and, of course, Limousin Label Rouge beef, for which it has just won a trophy.

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