Dordogne.  Close to the animals at Mescoulès Zoo

Dordogne. Close to the animals at Mescoulès Zoo

Raccoons thrive at Mescoulès Zoo. It must be said that these cunning and mischievous animals can be observed up close and even hand-fed. (©AM/Succeeding Périgord)

Arrival at the small parking lot at the entrance to Mescoules Zoo, the visitor discovers a place on the edge of the forest that doesn’t look like much. If there is a tourist spot that is located between Bergerac and Eymet, it is not necessarily well known to the general public and it is not very big, yet it has a wide variety of animals that you can discover with family or friends. Above all, there is a noticeable calm here. “I always wanted to preserve family and nature, a park on a human scale where you don’t step on each other. It’s more pleasant”explains Ophélie Chiron, manager since 2018.

When the park started in 2008, there was only a vivarium on site before the release of outdoor animals, especially as of 2018. The number of reptiles, crocodiles and other venomous snakes (cobrasrattlesnakes and vipers) gave way in favor of mammals to attract a wider audience.

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The animal park offers a large number of animals on an area of ​​over 1.5 ha. There are various species outside such as snapping turtles, woolly pigs, porcupines, emus, ferrets and more. The park offers the opportunity to observe these animals up close. In the submersible aviary, visitors can enter with the parakeets and enjoy their beautiful colors and distinctive songs up close. The same possibility with the scarlet ibis.

The vivarium has a great collection of reptiles including pythons.
The vivarium has a great collection of reptiles including pythons. (©AM/Succeeding Périgord)

Special recognition for a small colony of raccoons, cute, curious and mischievous. Visitors can offer them the croquettes they love. Saarloos wolfdogs, a cross between a German shepherd and a European wolf, are placed on vegetation.

There are majestic black swans in the pool, as well as wood ducks and Bahamian pintails. Not forgetting the kangaroos, who have a huge enclosure enlarged last year. The animals largely come from exchanges with other parks.

and vivarium Mescoulès Zoo maintains a good size for a park of this size. We will find there crocodiles of the Nile, the Varani, pythonsboa constrictors, rattlesnakes, giant tortoises, lizards and iguanas.

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