Doctolib: platform removes 5,700 practitioners within six months

Doctolib: platform removes 5,700 practitioners within six months

The online dating platform faced controversy this summer. (© Timon/Adobe Stock)

Naturopaths, sophrologists… 5,700 practitioners to be removed from Doctolib platform over six months, company announced in a press release. Only experts referred by health authorities will be listed on the website.

An announcement follows controversy this summer 2022 : users of the platform have reported naturopaths promoting alternative medicine. The leader of online health appointment platforms then pulled 17 accounts in an emergency.

“Better Image Linking”

This time, the French company goes even further when it reports a large number of “wellness” professionals from the site.

“We have tried to better regulate the list of health-only doctors on Doctolib. For this purpose, we organized a consultation of 40 actors in 6 weeks with our medical committee,” the company says.

6 months late

Specifically, what happens? “The 5,700 healthcare practitioners who are currently users of Doctolib have been informed that they will no longer be able to use our services under the current state of the regulations. In accordance with our subscription terms, affected customers can take advantage of a 6-month period to reorganize their appointment management,” the site said in its press release.

The decision was welcomed by Health Minister François Braun, who commented in a tweet.

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Although Doctolib recognizes that wellness activities meet request from patients and are sometimes integrated into care pathways, the platform says it “chooses the responsibility of guaranteeing objective and verified information to patients,” as Arthur Thirion, French director of Doctolib, said.

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