Doctolib is modifying its platform: what’s changing for you?

Doctolib is modifying its platform: what’s changing for you?

Doctolib is modifying its platform: what's changing for you?
Doctolib deletes the account of 5700 therapists. © Stock of Adobe

Doctolib will modify its platform. In the next six months, Doctolib will delete the account of 5700 people. We will tell you more.

The end of naturopaths and sophrologists

Meeting platform Doctolib just announced deleting 5,700 accounts therapists on France Inter. They are naturopathsophrologists from hypnotherapists or perhaps reflexologists. The reason? They are not they are not listed as healthcare workers The highest health authority as well as, for example, a doctor, nurse or physiotherapist.

Questionable therapists…

Last summer, internet users had insulted of promotion of “alternative medicine” on Doctolib by some dubious therapists. Date ” therapist itself is very broad and does not correspond to any medical definition. “Today, anyone can call themselves a naturopath and build a plate“, Bruno Falissard points out in the columns southwest. He is a psychiatrist, professor of public health and a member of the Academy of Medicine. as forthe term “alternative medicine”, they are targeted therapy on human well-being.

Well-being and medicine

The concept of “medicine” is highly framed in France. The medical professions determine:

  • them doctors generalists and specialists,
  • surgeons,
  • them midwives,
  • them pharmacists,
  • them dentists and orthodontists.

Do you need to make an appointment with a sophrologist?

If you would like to make an appointment with sophrologist for example his account will be still active for six months on Doctolib. After that it will always be listed on or on a platform specializing in alternative therapies.

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