Discover the Micro Comedy Club, the first stand-up scene in Nantes

Discover the Micro Comedy Club, the first stand-up scene in Nantes

Yoan Bertetto started joking at the end of 2019. Before opening the Micro Comedy Club, he prepared the Stand up Factory event, which he played in Nantes, Angers, Saint-Nazaire and Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie. (©Micro Comedy Club)

In an intimate and subdued atmosphere at 59 quai de la Fosse in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) On Friday, October 21, 2022, stand-up artist Yoan Bertetto will heat up the small performance hall Micro comedy club. “If I were you, I wouldn’t sit there…”, he blurts out to a group of spectators at the back of the room and chuckles when he learns that this place was a priori a former “girls’ bar”.

That night, two performances followed by four comedians who come to perform, test their jokes, their show and have a good time. This is exactly the DNA of this place, which has become symbolic since its opening on December 9, 2021.

The second French stand-up scene

Within two months, this place could become the first bar comedy club in the province. But Marseille beat him garage. However, the city of Nantes would remain – for now – the second French stand-up scene after Parisby Yoan Bertetto.

For almost a year now, the comedian has been offering a stage dedicated to him with his partner Maxim Stockner validation and professionalization of comedians cities of the Dukes of Brittany and elsewhere. They collect a total of 11 performances per week, between 30 and 40 new passages per monthabout fifteen artists from Nantes and others from Paris, Bordeaux, Angers, and Toulouse, all paid by stamp.

From Tuesday to Sunday, viewers can enjoy a cozy atmosphere.
From Tuesday to Sunday, viewers can enjoy a cozy atmosphere. (©Micro Comedy Club)

“We were always the last to go round the carriage”

So this place operates today need stand-up scene in Nantes. “Before in Nantes you had to work to become strong and go to Paris, otherwise you stayed here making hats, you had no possible career,” sums up Yoan Bertotto. Hence his desire to open this exhibition bar.

You have to understand that every Wednesday night there was a set at the West Side Comedy Club (on the island of Nantes, ed.) and after that there were other sets in Nantes, but we were always the last round of the carriage. We were not priority rooms. They told us, “Well, we won’t be able to have a concert tonight”. We happened to be playing with the theater at the Sphynx because the theater was playing later.

Yoan BertettoComedian and manager of Micro Comedy Club

“I got scared”

He then went to Paris and saw all the “comedy clubs” opening, he thought of doing the same in Nantes. With Maxim Stockner at the beginning of 2020, they therefore started visiting premises to take over, but it wasn’t easy. “It took two years to open,” he recalls.

But Yoan Bertetto did not give up. Determined not to be in the business very long. “I used to cook, I stopped at the end of 2019 to throw myself into the show. I got scared,” he says News from Nantes. After hesitating between writing a book to be a chess champion and to make fun, he finally chose the stage.

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First it became a hobby, then a passion, and now it’s an obsession, I just want to do it. It’s the first time in my life that I’m not satisfied with doing well, I always want to do better.

Yoan Bertetto

“We are passionate. We don’t have a profit target.

And it paid off. They were looking for a place with already integrated bar management and finally found one right next door Pub 80 with whom they interacted. They thus get the keys to the future bar in September 2020.

Although the health crisis delayed their inaugural debut, v January 2022 it was gone. “We reached cruising speed fairly quickly. We didn’t expect that. We are not drowning in gold, but we are passionate. We don’t have a profitability goal,” admits Yoan Bertetto.

This is the spirit that breathes in this place. For example, Yoan Bertetto doesn’t like to talk about it “rising head” within the stand-up scene. “We are not in show business. We see the team. We work together, we raise the general level so that we can spend good evenings,” he explains.

Nantes and the School of Paris

According to him, there are no stand-ups not here for the competition. “We all quit our jobs. Many misfortunes happened before we got here. I always say “Share your bread and you will never be hungry”. We are a group of friends,” he illustrates, comparing himself to the Parisian scene. It wouldn’t be the same there.

There is more pressure. There are 700 to 800 comedians. When you go on stage it has to be a hit because you have 15 behind them waiting to take your place. In Nantes we no longer have the chance to expose ourselves to danger.

Yoan Bertotte Comedian and manager of Micro Comedy Club

A “Nantes-style school” that seems to be working well. But the city should not stay one of the few rising scenes when it comes to stand-up. “It will be less obvious in a few years. Before there was nothing, but now Angers is developing, Bordeaux is starting…”

Meanwhile, the Micro comedy club continues to develop. Plans to move to 12 performances in a week by opening the second Open Mic (open stage paid in hat for newbies) on Tuesday in the second part of the evening.

Simon Pintau, Emilien, Basil, Cab Cab, Kevin Robin or even Hugo Le Van were among the artists who came to do stand-up this Friday, October 21.
Simon Pintau, Emilien Augereau, Basile, Cab Cab, Kevin Robin or even Hugo Le Van were among the artists who came to do stand-up this Friday, October 21. (©Farah Sadallah / News Nantes)

Practical information:
59 quai de la Fosse, in Nantes
Open Tuesday to Thursday from 19:00 to 23:00 (Open Mic on Tuesday and shows on other days), Friday from 19:00 to 1:00 (two shows at 19:30 and 21:00), Saturday from 17:00 00 to 2:00 (three shows from 18:00) and Sunday from 18:00 to 22:00 (improv show at 18:30).

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