DIRECT.  Censorship proposal: Emmanuel Macron condemns the “baroque coalition” between Nupes and RN

DIRECT. Censorship proposal: Emmanuel Macron condemns the “baroque coalition” between Nupes and RN


Produce more electric vehicles

The show deals with the issue of electric cars. Company Correspondent France 2 in China, Arnauld Miguet presents this production, which explodes there. “What matters to me is to return the sector back to its place,” replies the president of the republic. I want us to be able to produce 2 million electric vehicles at the end of the five-year period.”


Motion of no confidence: alliances in the assembly harassing the president

The president gets angry at the motions of no confidence presented by the Nupes and RN assemblies. He calls the new People’s Ecological and Social Union a “baroque coalition”.

What can make you angry? asks Caroline Roux.

“It’s cynicism and it’s a mess, protests Emmanuel Macron. What happened is that they proved one thing that they don’t have a majority, but above all they proved what. They were ready. Socialists, environmentalists, communists and LFi go to hand in hand with the National Assembly when there is war in Europe”.


Consultations are possible with social partners

The President of the Republic says that he is ready to discuss with the social partners. “If the social partners are ready to commit that we will say, we don’t want to go to 65, but for example we will go to 64. But in return we are ready to work a little more. I, I am open. The whole thing is that our model he stands on his feet.’


The issue of pension reform is being addressed

What age limit do you want to apply for this pension reform? asks Caroline Roux

“From the summer of 2023, we will have to move the legal retirement age forward by four months a year. This means that where we are today, at 62, we will go to 63 in 2025, 64 in 2028 and 65 in 2031, so gradually. These numbers match the ones we need.”


Like a fortnight ago, Emmanuel Macron came up with his “little graphic”. It projects this image:

This first chart shows public spending and levies “I mean, we are the highest in Europe, the president assures. That means that if you produce 100 of them here, you take 55.4 for health care, education, transport, public services.” Can we spend more as some suggest in the political realm? The answer is no”.


The head of state calls on companies to share the wealth

Caroline Roux asks the chairman if he is sensitive to the questions of employees who want a better distribution of wealth with a pay rise. “Yes, but the state does not decide about them,” the president replies.

“The message I send to business leaders is (…) There is no lasting value that we create unless it is fairly shared.”

The head of state wishes the social dialogue to take place peacefully. “Not like in Total, where we all understood that he was muscular, we all suffered and were not happy about it.


These working French are our role models! assures the head of state

“First of all, I want to say that these French men and women who work, who want to live with dignity from their work, build a legacy, pass it on to their children. This is our role model!”

“I want us to go to full employment and earn more with our work.”


Laurent Bignolas went to meet a modest family. This report is broadcast on:


“Real choices” in public spending

“We need a real strategy to make our public spending more efficient, to make real decisions. What does this mean? To invest in health, in school and in these real decisions, to know how to finance them in a serious way,” continued Emmanuel Macron, asked about the control of public expenses.


Rising prices at the center of concern

“We are meeting for a second meeting, this time dedicated to the ‘French emergencies,'” Caroline Roux announces. We have one hour to discuss them. On July 14th, you called for a general mobilization of the French to sober up in a comeback.

“This winter, we collectively organized ourselves on the prices,” Emmanuel Macron answers. Energy prices, food prices, it affects our lives. It affects the lives of many of our countrymen who are struggling. It affects small businesses, our industry.”

“The first thing I tell them is this crisis, we will get through it together. We have been through others. Like the Covid crisis. To weather this storm, we have to protect the weakest, our students, our humblest families, our most fragile businesses, our industry too”

8:33 p.m

The show is on

The same decoration as at the first performance. Caroline Roux, white jacket, questions Emmanuel Macron against a dark background with projections in the background.


General strike

L’Événement subtitles are running. It already struck a chord with the first release on October 12. The music has already been used for the subtitles of the Téléfoot program. Know that this is an original with a title Cashmere and composed by the band Led Zeppelin. It was also covered by Puff Daddy for the soundtrack to the movie Godzilla in 1998.


“French emergencies” at the center of the conversation

The journalist will not forget to ask Emmanuel Macron about the topics that concern the French this autumn: price which blazes gas and electricity who could be missing this winter pension reform that the President would like to carry out, problems fromuncertain or immigration.

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