Dimitri Droisneau has been awarded three stars since March and was voted chef of the year by Le Chef magazine

Dimitri Droisneau has been awarded three stars since March and was voted chef of the year by Le Chef magazine

Dimitri and Marielle Droisneau at the awards ceremony (©DR)

For the national press, Dimitri Droisneau surprised the chef last March by earning one of the two third stars it awarded The Michelin guide for the year 2022. This time he clarifies things again with the title Chef of the Year awarded by Leader, reference magazine for gastronomy in France.

Born in Evreux On January 11, 1980, he arrived two days later in Eagle (Orne) where its real roots are. He will do school on Mazeline, Victor-Hugo and then Dolto but he admits without fuss: “I had a lot of problems with the education system, so I wanted to focus on learning, even though my mother didn’t really agree with it”.

He fell in love with Villa Madie

But he prepares it on a low heat and begins by going to his observation internship 4E onAuberge St-Michel by M. Barville. A small but decisive appetizer that will definitely give him the desire to make his taste buds dance. Then, while apprenticing at Michel Canet’s Grand St-Michel in Alençon, he learned to take “nuclear attacks in the kitchen” and prove himself. So much so that young Aiglon finds himself at the Tour d’Argent in Paris, barely graduating.

Maison Lucas, Bristol, L’Ambroisie and La Réserve de Beaulieu on the Cote d’Azur. In 2013, he and his wife Marielle passed out Villa Madie in Cassis, advised Arnaud Donckele, his big brother in the profession. A diving enthusiast jumped into the water and bought the business, which just a year later won its second Michelin star.

Two and three star chefs voted

Six years later, the couple and their team of outstanding professionals won the Holy Grail with a third star, but Dimitri Droisneau assured them at the time: “We will continue as always. There is a lot of emulation, so we exchange, we repair… The worst thing would be to become someone else”.

He who takes pleasure in producing well-being stays in what he can do, and that is very good for him. The proof is that he is now Chef of the Year after being voted in by two and three star chefs.

A consecration that I had the opportunity to share with my wife Marielle, my driving force and support from my first steps. Thanks to my team @lavillamadie this consecration is for you too. I thank the whole profession, all the benevolent chefs around me. Thank you for believing in me and pushing me to new heights.

Dimitri DroisneauChef of the year 2022

At the pinnacle of gastronomy, he will not adjust his perfect recipe. For his cuisine inspired by the rich and diversified south, “I will always buy the best seasonal products to work with and highlight our wonderful terroir.”

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