De Berd’huis, Romaric and Josselyn Chanteloup head for nations in sidecar cross

De Berd’huis, Romaric and Josselyn Chanteloup head for nations in sidecar cross

Josselyn and Romaric will continue in the sidecarcross championship in March. (© Florian Sedrati)

and cross sidecar ? It’s a motorcycle with a basket on the side, for beginners. The front passenger acts as a counterweight when cornering and serves to balance the vehicle.

Romaric and Josselyn Chanteloup, 28 and 26 years old respectively residents Berd’huis (Orne) he has been practicing it for about ten years in pairs.

A passion passed on by their two uncles and grandfather. “I watched my brothers all the time and I took Romaric on the circuits for 6 months,” says their mother Lydie Ains-Chanteloup. They are now included two Ornais crews remaining.

Romaric was 18 when he started: “I didn’t even know how to shift.”

Riding a sidecar always tickled him, he waited until he was of age because their parents didn’t want to at first. And Josselyn had to wait until he was 16.

Injury in 2021

Both brothers participated directly championship of France which consist of a dozen races over a year. At the time, they were being trained by their uncle.

For ten years they hit the roads in the family motorhome with a sidecar in the trailer to go to the French, European and World Championships.

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Romaric and Josselyn always rode together, but this he got injured last time in August 2021, cruciate ligaments. So Romaric had to find a new teammate.

With Simon Villaines, we were vice-champions of France in 2022 and were selected for the Nations in the Czech Republic on September 24 and 25, 2022, which are the Sidecar Cross Olympic Games.

Romaric Chanteloup

The top three teams from each country are selected to participate. It was the second time berd’huisien had gone there. The French team also finished 6th out of 15.

Every weekend from March to October, the crew left for either the championships or training. As both brothers work, they can count on the flexibility of their bosses, otherwise this adventure would not be possible.

The goal of nations

Romaric and Josselyn will ride together again in 2023 and their goal is simple.

“We want to be in the top three at the French championship, in the top twenty at the world championship and we want to be selected for the nations,” said Romaric Chanteloup. “If the goal is reached, it can be over, we’re just doing it for fun.”

WITH driven more than 30,000 kilometers and an average of 45,000 euros spent for sidecar cross Each yearboth brothers can happily rely on their sponsors and family to support them.

A family story

“Today we buy a new sidecar every year thanks to resale,” says Romaric. “It’s an expensive sport, but we have race premiums that compensate for the trip.”

Fortunately, when a mechanic or someone to attend to a ringside injury is needed, parents are always ready to accompany them.

“We support three sidecarcross teams, my children’s, my brother’s and my daughter-in-law’s team,” informs Lydie Ains-Chanteloup.

France does not have the same sidecar cross culture as other European countries such as Holland or Latvia.

“The Dutch start at 10 years old and have more races at home, it’s not like home,” says Romaric Chanteloup. There are around a hundred crews in France: “it’s not a very well-known or recognized sport”.

To arouse the curiosity of the inhabitants, they carry out initiations like in Torcé-en-Vallée on October 29 and 30 or a lotto like Dollon on October 28 at the municipal office (registration at 06 88 56 68 39).

Thanks to the sponsors, some have been there since the beginning. It seems nice, funny, when it’s a lot of work, but we don’t regret anything, I’m happy to be back with my brother.

Romanesque Chanteloup

The whole family is involved and without them, Romaric and Josselyn Chanteloup would not be here today, competing with the best at the World and Nations Championships.

You can follow them on Facebook: Team side car cross 61.

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