Crit’Air 3 polluting vehicle ban in Greater Paris postponed until 2024?

Crit’Air 3 polluting vehicle ban in Greater Paris postponed until 2024?

The movement of Crit’Air 3 vehicles on the A86 motorway in Paris should finally be banned only in September 2024 (© Illustration/

A new breather for car owners Crit’Air 3. Prohibition of polluting vehicles marked with this sticker Great Pariswhich was supposed to enter into force in 2023 should finally be postponed to September 2024. It was announced patrick oliverpresident of the Metropole du Grand Paris, on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 France Blue Paris.

First modified calendar

The day before, Patrick Ollier mentioned this postponement in passing first steering committee of low emission zones (ZFE), these areas in which the movement of the most polluting vehicles is prohibited. In Greater Paris, it refers to the ZFE inside the A86 motorway. From June 1, 2021 vehicles Crit’Air 4 and 5 were already eliminated in the first phase.

Outage date for Crit’Air 3thus, gasoline vehicles registered before January 1, 2006, diesel engines registered before January 1, 2011, and two-wheelers registered before January 1, 2007, were originally supposed to come into effect in July 2022. In February of this year, the Métropole du Grand Paris had changed its calendar for the first time.

The new ban date is now set for 2024 “after the Olympics”, Patrick Ollier said France Blue Paris. However, the decision still needs to be confirmed by a vote of the Métropole du Grand Paris council.

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