Covid: what do we know about the new bivalent vaccines?

Covid: what do we know about the new bivalent vaccines?

Covid: what do we know about the new bivalent vaccines?
Bivalent vaccines combine the original covid-19 strain and the variant Omicron strain. © Stock of Adobe

New Covid vaccines are coming this fall. These are bivalent vaccines of the new generation. What do we know about these vaccines? How are they more efficient?

Vaccines adapted to new variants

and virus Covid Mute. To be effective, vaccines must adapt to new variants and sub-variants. Moderna and Pfizer laboratories are the first to offer new vaccines against Covid. These vaccines are called bivalent because they combine the two strains of the virus.

Protection against new subvariants

Bivalent vaccines protect the body against both the original strain of Covid (that of December 2019) and against the new majority variant Omicron. Vaccine against Omicron BA.1 (Moderna and Pfizer) received a marketing authorization on 1ahem last September Vaccine against subvariant BA.5 from Pfizer, received authorization from Europe on September 12.

How does the bivalent vaccine work?

Two laboratories modern and Pfizer used technology RNA messenger regarding their first Covid vaccine. This technology enables iinject harmless copies of the virus in body cells. “With messenger RNA vaccines, the idea is to let our cells make the part yourself that ours is against organization will learn resist“, Inserm explains on its website.

A more effective vaccine

A bivalent vaccine made with strain BA.1 of Omicron is very effective both on BA.1 and on the other subvariants BA.4 and BA.5. These bivalent vaccines have a longer duration of protection against the virus.

When will these bivalent vaccines be available?

“Everything is ready,” said Sandra Fournier, Moderna’s French general manager, on September 14. And to add:The allowances are on French territory. All that remains is to wait for the permission of the senior health authority for the benefits to be delivered very fast in pharmacies.”

Who are these new vaccines for?

Bivalent vaccines are registered by the European Medicines Agency as booster dose to all older people 12 years and over. In fact, it certainly will people said they were “at risk” and over 60 who will preferentially benefit from these bivalent vaccines.

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