Covid vaccine: when to download it?

Covid vaccine: when to download it?

Covid vaccine: when to order?
You can get the Covid vaccine booster even if you are not in the target population. © Stock of Adobe

From October 3rd, priority people can receive Moderna’s new bivalent vaccine. Is it possible to get this vaccine if you have recently had Covid? How long is the wait?

Moderna’s new bivalent vaccine

A new vaccine modern adapted to Omicron (BA.1) is available in France. It is available in pharmaciesthey medical office and in vaccination centers. French people over 60, the most frail, their companions, pregnant women and caregivers are concerned.

You recently received a dose of the vaccine

If you have recently received a dose of the Covid vaccine, you must wait six months ago reminder.
This period between the last injection and the booster is shortened to 3 months for :

  • The nursing home residents,
  • Patients in the long-term care unit,
  • The older than 80 years,
  • Immunocompromised people.

Covid just after vaccination

It can happen: you are infected with Covid when you have just been vaccinated. If you are sick less than 15 days after your last vaccination, you will receive a another dose of mRNA vaccine 4 weeks after infection. You will have to wait 3 to 6 months to receive your reminder, depending on your age and your health.

15 days after the last vaccine

if you have had covid more than 15 days after injection, you can get a booster 3 months after infection. If you are one of the priority people, you can get a bivalent vaccine suitable for Omicron.

Source: “Who can benefit from a booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine and when?”, health insurance website.

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