Covid.  Seine-et-Marne: what is the situation in schools after the start of the school year?

Covid. Seine-et-Marne: what is the situation in schools after the start of the school year?

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It’s quiet after the start of the school year class empty gives way to the buzz of young people children. If Covid-19 is a little less in the minds, in Seine and Marne indicators are gradually increasing. The Academy continues to monitor the situation.

Some reported cases

Since the children’s return to classes, their health has been closely monitored by school staff: “We have had several reported cases since classes resumed,” the academy says. But it is far from the concern that may have prevailed last year: “There are cases among residents, so inevitably we also have some who are present in our classrooms. »

As for the concentration of cases, no real cluster can be condemned. “The few cases that are being reported are all levels and all over the place,” the academy said.

Protocol and prevention

Faced with a class case declaration, what protocol is involved? “As expected, the end of summer signs a new protocol for the beginning of the school year. If there are more levels of alertness, we are at the basic level,” the academy management replies.

This basic level includes face-to-face lessons and does not impose any special restrictions. As for the rest of the students, they may or may not be tested. “We are not planning any hybridization of courses yet, the mask is not mandatory. Life goes on almost as normal,” the academy continues.

As for the protection and prevention of everyone, facilities are also in place here, according to the academy: “Regarding the children, the supervisors make sure that everyone washes their hands well, that’s an important point. In order to also ensure the safety of our school employees, free masks were distributed, which will allow those who wish to wear a mask. »

On the other hand, if there is the slightest doubt about contamination, school staff have the option: “They have a certificate that allows them to recall self-tests free of charge,” the management concludes.

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