Coupe de France: tough for Baud and Ruffiac Malestroit… 5th round draw for Morbihan clubs

Coupe de France: tough for Baud and Ruffiac Malestroit… 5th round draw for Morbihan clubs

Charlie Nicolas and his Moutons Blancs teammates from Noyal-Pontiva (Morbihan) have qualified for the 5th round of the French Football Cup. ©Pontivy Journal

Day draw of French Cup football this Wednesday, September 28, 2022. Clubs Morbihan still in contention after 4E the bike competed on the weekend 24 and 25 September 2022 know your opponents for 5E bike.

At the end of 4E round and before entering the run FC Lorient during the 32they are final, the Morbihan clubs are no longer numerous in the competition. The two clubs that play at the national level are still at loggerheads. It is about Valves OC, resident N2, and GSI Pontivesclub N3.

Other Morbihan clubs still in operation are:

  • R1: CEP LorientStadium Pontives, auray Pulse
  • R2: ES PlescopeMB Noyal-PontivesIt’s coming TheixCF Ploemeur, Riantec OC, Muzillac OC, Senna Pulse
  • A3: Ruffiac-Malestroit Football, Baud Pulse, Guenin SP, ES Saint-AveUS Gulls Larmor Beach

Posters of the 5th round of the Coupe de France

  • Crawlers (R1) – Valves OC (N2)
  • Douarnenez (R1) – GSI Pontives (N3)
  • Baud FC (R3) – Lannion (N3)
  • US Goudelinaise (R3) – Stadium Pontives (R1)
  • CS Begard (R1) – CEP Lorient (R1)
  • MB Noyal-Pontives (R2)- Guenin SP (R3)
  • US Gulls Larmor Beach (R3) – AS Brest (R2)
  • Pulse Ploemeur (R2)- Riantec OC (R2)
  • FC Basse Vilaine (R3) – auray HR (R1)
  • Muzillac OC (R2) – Argentré-du-Plessis (R2)
  • Ruffiac-Malestroit Football (R3) – AS Vitré (N3)
  • Chartres-de-Bretagne (R1) – The future Theix (R2)
  • Vitrean (R2) – Senna CF (R2)
  • EC Saint-Ave (R3) – AS Ginglin Cesson (R1)

Matches 5E round of the Coupe de France will take place this weekend 8 and 9 October 2022. Draw at 6E the round also took place on Wednesday, September 28.

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