Coulommiers: cultural season, between satisfaction and fear

Coulommiers: cultural season, between satisfaction and fear

Cœur de Pirate during the concert on October 19. ©@Remy’s photos – Remy Lardet

It didn’t help that despite a full start at La Sucrerie with Blonde, Blonde and Blonde and Briard’s Quartet from LDB, the rooms struggled to fill. Bookings for other shows, while of good quality, are facing problems. First small assessment with Jean Bardet, Deputy Mayor responsible for Culture and Heritage.

We are doing much better than the neighborhood

Jean Bardet, Deputy Mayor responsible for culture and heritage

The first headliner just played at La Sucrerie, what do you think of Cœur de Pirate’s performance?

Jean Bardet: On October 19, she was able to establish a climate of participation with the public, to show humor, a distance from the often sad tone of her songs. She proved to be a true musician and gave the instrumental parts on the piano an important place. We are still far from a full house, as it was only half full. The technician who works in the whole department invited us to put our disappointment in perspective: we are doing much better than in the surrounding rooms, where he takes care of the sound.

After two months of recovery in October, which programs impressed you the most?

Jean Bardet: I am referring to the Talweg Trio concert dedicated to the works of Schumann written at the end of his life, with great success thanks to the meeting of about fifty high school students with the musicians from 6 to 7 p.m. concert. A real favorite for shows between theatre, acrobatics and dance,

On ne parle pas avec des mittens, presented in the theater by choreographer Denis Plassard, mixing ordinary language with sign language. Plassard’s complicity with his deaf partner was overwhelming and often very funny. The audience of more than 200 people in the 350-seat room was enthusiastic. Deaf people, many of whom made the trip, were especially happy to finally have a show planned for them.

Where are the bookings for other headliners?

Jean Bardet: We can be much better there too! François Berléand and Antoine Duléry as Maxime le Forestier make up only half of La Sucrerie at the moment, Alex Vizorek only a third.

Book performances: Tel. : 01 64 75 80 00.

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