Cotentin.  What will be the future of golf courses?  It concerns the association

Cotentin. What will be the future of golf courses? It concerns the association

The associations managing the Cherbourg (Manche) and Saint-Jean-de-la-Rivière golf courses are worried about their short-term future. (© Jean-Paul BARBIER)

Shall we cross swords on the Coténtin greens? The green lights are not on for the associations that manage the Cherbourg (Manche) and Saint-Jean-de-la-Rivière golf courses.
In the question, lack of visibility into their short-term future due to end of domain agreement which connects them to the Cotentin agglomeration until 2023. They call the community, the owner of the land, see more clearly. Explanations.

Clubs are worried

This is Jean Louis Leclercchairman of the company Côte des Isles Golf CourseWHO sounded the alarm in mid-August. At the end of the competition on the Saint-Jean-de-la-Rivière track, a volunteer threw a cobblestone into the pond.

“The success of the club is closely related to its long history of association, which has allowed it to cope with the evolution of golf, originally a hobby of a few enthusiasts, which has become a mass sport over the years. The association believes that an associational structure is most appropriate for the management of golf in a non-commercial project’.

Jean Louis LeclercPresident of the Côte des Isles Golf Course

Through his notes, volunteer Saint-Jeannais expresses his concern about the impending expiration of the lease agreement binding the community (March 2023). Obviously, the choir is identical on the side of its Cherbourg counterpartJacques Largouët, who postponed the lease until the end of 2023.

“We would like to know what our future is like. The question arises: are we working in the medium term, especially with the expansion to 18 holes, or will the community decide to entrust these structures to private companies? »

Jacques LargouetPresident of the Golf de Cherbourg

Main blame of the two leaders is clear lack of prospects. “It is not easy from a management point of view. We have to balance our budget, we still take risks. We have the equipment, the staff, “says the former professional footballer, who manages a budget of 260,000 euros, three employees and 480 licensees.

“We have zero cents of support from the community. Not many guilds do that! “. The President of Cherbourg is therefore waiting. But his patience has its limits. “Our operation brings satisfaction to everyone,” he says. “At some point you have to take a stand when you’re in charge! “.

Cotentin explained

On the sidethe Cotentin agglomerationwe play the appeasement card by demonstrating pedagogy. The community assumes that they must respect the law by creating competitive bidding procedures. This will be the case withpublication of the upcoming project management assistance mission. Candidates will thus compete with each other DSP (delegating a public service for a possible period of 10-12 years) and associations that have signed a domain agreement (limited to five years).

He will also study financial feasibility of an 18-hole expansion Cherbourg golf course and technical feasibility of par 70 near Saint-Jean-de-la-Rivière.

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“The aim is to be as transparent as possible and to design specifications that set the conditions of the management. The market will be spread over four months and the diagnosis over six.”

Odile ThominetVice-President of the Cotentin responsible for tourism and leisure facilities

In fact a therefore, a decision in the village council is not expected earlier than probably in the second half of 2023. Isn’t that enough to appease the associations?

“The concern is understandable. But we’re working hard on these files. We’re running out of time. Especially since the community has so many other issues to deal with.

Odile Thominet Vice-President of the Cotentin

one thing is certain Cotentin – one of the three golf courses (the one in Fontenay-sur-Mer) is already managed by DSP – do not close any doors. In particular, “to the associative structures that may apply”. “In any case, we will always be by their side”, supplies the chosen surtainvillaise. “And if we start on DSP, we will maintain sports activity. Similarly, staff and equipment will be taken over.

So the conditions are set. However, you are not sure that they will satisfy everyone…

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