Cotentin.  French Football Cup: “We have the jerseys, now that’s a bonus!  »

Cotentin. French Football Cup: “We have the jerseys, now that’s a bonus! »

Quentin Frigout (22), defender and captain of Côte des Isles, is confident in his team’s performance on Sunday against Tourlaville (Manche). (© La Presse de la Manche)

The team from The coast of the islands (R3, Channel) competition 4E tower of French Football Cup before Tourlaville (R1), this Sunday, September 25, 2022 (15 hours). An interview for this occasion with the captain of the home team, Quentin Frigout.

News: Your team is having a great start to the season…

Quentin Frigout: Yes, we beat Agon and Val de Saire in the league, the two favorites for the rise of R2. And in the Coupe de France we finally have jerseys, for the first time in the club’s history. Because I was older, I was told! We were knocked out in the round twice before and the other time we were silly against La Glacerie in the 2nd round and they were the ones who ended up getting the jerseys…

Do you think you can produce a performance against Tourlaville on Sunday?

QF: It’s a big piece, Team R1, but we’re going to play it hard. I know the Tirel brothers well, I hope Tom plays because I have never lost against him!

What is your goal for the Coupe de France?

QF: T-shirts were the goal. We got them in the year we talked about them the least… So now that’s just a bonus!

Are the club’s ambitions mainly related to the championship?

QF: Yes, we are heading for the top 5, in a well-mannered hen. And if we can go up, we don’t prepare.

“It’ll Make You Think of a Leap Year”

How did the team experience last season and this relegation to R3?

QF: The year was complicated, but the core of the team did not give up and kept smiling. Everyone in the club stayed and gained experience. Because we mustn’t forget that apart from Marc Catherine we have a young workforce.

Despite being 22 years old, you have been the captain of this team for several seasons…

QF: Yes, I have always held this role since U13. I consider myself a leader of men. And then the fact that we’ve all known each other for a long time helps. We are a few of the generation 2000 who play in the first team, with Paul Tutrel, Damien Gautier, Oscar Flambard, Valentin Brien and Clément Bihel.

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This season we feel a new impulse in the club…

QF: Yes, there are two new co-presidents Emmanuel Lepigeon and Baptiste Fauvel who bring new things, a new coach Christophe Trébert who wanted to rebuild the group and bring back the desire to train and play. The group hardly changes, we have few injuries and the fact that we started the season well brings back motivation and helps maintain a good atmosphere.

“Clément Mahé will not play on Sunday”

Does the start of the season remind you of joining R2 three years ago?

QF: Admittedly, it reminds us of the year of the ascent when we started with a bang. Our strength is that we conceded very few goals.

And you can also count on Clément Mahé in great form, like right now…

QF: Yes, we feel that Clément scares the opposition, he can score at any time. Unfortunately, he will not play on Sunday. Since he’s not on summer vacation and didn’t think we’d make it to the 4th round, he took a week off…


18:00: Cherbourg (N3) – Alençon (N3)
Saint-Lô (N3) – AG Caen (N3)
19:00: Villers-Bocage (R2) – FC 3 Rivières (R3)
19:30: Aunay-sur-Odon (R3) – Granville (N2)

15:00: Coast of the Isles (R3) – Tourlaville (R1)
Val de Saire (R3) – La Ferté-Macé (R2)
PL Octeville (D2) – Courteille Alençon (R3)
FC des Etangs (R3) – Audrieu (D1)
FC Mouen (D3) – Thereval (D1)
Saint-Pair-sur-Mer (R2) – The Eagle (R2)
Jullouville-Sartilly (R3) – Thaon-Bretteville (R3)
Saint-Martin-Saint-Jean (D2) – Ducey-Isigny (R2)

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