Cotentin.  Camille and Stéphanie are preparing a sporting and solidarity challenge in a beautiful place in the world

Cotentin. Camille and Stéphanie are preparing a sporting and solidarity challenge in a beautiful place in the world

Camille Pluquet and Stéphanie Levéziel, Té Mer’Air, are actively preparing to participate in Raid Amazones 2023. (© La Presse de la Manche)

Camille Pluquet and Stéphanie Levéziel, barely forty and mothersthey are fearless: they have decided to embark on this formidable a project of humanity and solidarity what is Raid Amazons which will take place end of 2023.

“A unique experience driven by core values: hospitality with a maximum of 300 participants in teams of two or three. Solidarity because the raid will take place in a developing country and the idea is to share the lives of the local people. »

Camille Pluquet and Stephanie Levéziel

Because the raid is sporty: “We are two friends made of bricks passion for nature, sport and adventure. We wanted to increase new challenge and to make it, we do regular training sessions trail running, archery and cycling (several trips a week)’.

The choice of team name is indicative of their approach: the team is called Té Mer’air: “Té at home, the sea is at home, rejuvenating, as well as a playground for the trail as for all these little joys in the family… And then we think that we can call ourselves “reckless” for daring to commit ourselves to this extraordinary project! »

18 months of preparation

Camille and Stéphanie insist:

“This Raid Amazones is accessible to women of all ages, regardless of their level of sport, for a fundamental reason: here, sport is a unified way of discovering yourself and finding the limits of a team. In addition, we remain environmentally friendly as our mantra will be “no engine, only sweat!” » »

Because the contestants will be in the most beautiful preserved places on the planet. Previous editions were held in Kenya, Sri Lanka or Mayotte or until Cambodia… Eagerly awaiting the name of the goal of their epic, they decided to wear the colors of the association CherbourgI’Association of pediatricians and paediatricians of Cherbourgwho works for welfare hospitalized children in the children’s ward.

Young women are now looking for sponsors:

“We propose to wear their logos on our equipment, convey a positive image through Raid’s values, our social media presence will allow the brands to be highlighted and the media coverage of the event will be significant. »

Té Mer’air are undoubtedly at the dawn of a great human and solidarity adventure that can be supported by all donations. “For the operation of games or lotteries, products, promotional items, vouchers, etc. will be welcome. . . .”

Videos: currently on Actu

From our reporter Elisabeth GAVARD

Contacts: Stéphanie: 06 78 10 30 43 and Camille: 06 84 99 98 92. Mail: [email protected]

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