Cotentin.  Breast cancer: these 50 firefighters wear the colors of pink October

Cotentin. Breast cancer: these 50 firefighters wear the colors of pink October

For the first time, fifty firefighters from Pobožné (Manche) committed themselves to Operation Pink October. (© La Presse de la Manche)

Fifty for the first time Godly firemen (Channel) commit toact Pink October 2022. Their outfit has a crest in colors breast cancer awareness. You will definitely get a chance to see it up close as they begin their tour distribution of calendars.

Their first participation in Operation Pink October, they wear it daily on their regular clothes. This new sign shows their determination to send an awareness message about breast cancer prevention.

The soldiers of fire have not stopped there sincein Novembereveryone will wear a mustache for another good cause: they will also join the movement Movember. They grow mustaches so they can to raise public awareness of male diseases. This movement strongly supports the fight against prostate and testicular cancer, Mental health and suicide prevention.

Calendars are coming

Firefighters of the Pious also announce they come to your house, accompanied by their traditional calendar. If inspections have already begun, they will continue until December 30. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., each of them will pass their wheel by presenting a professional or friendly card.

In case of absence, it is possible to pick it up directly, during the day at the rescue center Les Pieux. Otherwise, you will have to wait for his next visit. Credit cards will be accepted this year, they will be equipped with a terminal. Although it is not mandatory contributethese participate in the functioning of the friendly.

“Your gifts bring families together and keep them together. But also to supplement the budget of the department by offering us, for example, the possibility of purchasing sports equipment. »

Teddy Girault Chairman of the Pious Firemen’s Association

To support the event student work, welcome the children and arrange the Christmas tree, receive families in Sainte-Barbe and many others. These twelve professional firefighters and these thirty-five volunteers including engaged nights and days, weekends and holidays. “These moments of hospitality are created to gather and fill our absence at home,” he adds. Finally, thanks were given to the forty partners who appear in this new calendar.

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