Cotentin.  A part of the altar was restored in this church

Cotentin. A part of the altar was restored in this church

The village choir enlivens the celebration. (© La Presse de la Manche)

and Saturday, September 10, 2022many inhabitants Lestre (Channel) a neighboring villages came to participate Mass of St. Michaelwhich is organized by the town hall and the Saint-Michel association at the village church.

Father Rémi Poincheval celebrated the mass. “We would like to thank the Chœur des Villages de Saint-Joseph for their participation in this ceremony,” emphasized Mayor Sylvie Amiot. We also celebrate St. Martin, our patron saint. »

Children participate

At the end of the ceremony, Father Poincheval blessed the bread, then the young people from the commune went through the rows to distribute it.

“A big thank you to everyone: the children for participating and the people who invested in the preparation of the celebration. »

Sylvie Amiot Mayor of Lestre

When leaving the church, the mayor invited those present to watch Altar of Saint Denisplaced to the right of the porch because this was restored. Saint-Denis is called Saint-Céphalophore, he is usually dressed as a bishop and carries his head in his arms. It is said that Saint-Denis walked with his head because he wanted to choose the place of his grave.

“As this one is listed Historical monumentsThis required restoration by approved experts (table and polychromy restorer). We invited Élisabeth Maria, delegate of the curator of churches, in the framework departmentwhich allowed us to obtain a subsidy in the amount of 50% of the amount of the work without VAT explained the mayor.

Almost 8000 euros of work

The amount of the work is €7,836 without tax, of which the municipality received €3,918 in subsidies, €1,000 from a private donation and the Saint-Michel association (heritage preservation) paid €1,000, leaving €1,918 for the municipality. .

In the hope that it can be realized in 2023, work should be done on a small ship under the bell tower. “We manage all this work thanks to you, the city council and the Saint-Michel association,” concluded Sylvie Amiot.

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