Construction site: to reduce nuisance, this city has adopted a charter of good behaviour

Construction site: to reduce nuisance, this city has adopted a charter of good behaviour

In order to limit the harassment from construction sites working in the city center, the Collégien of Seine-et-Marne has signed a charter for the proper execution of the works. ©Unsplash/illustration

The town of Collégien is under construction. Several construction sites are underway in this town of nearly 3,500 in Seine-et-Marne. In total, more than 170 housing units will be built in the heart of the village over the next two to three years. How to limit harassment?

“We have signed a charter of good work performance,” explains Mayor Marc Pinoteau. It was designed with Marne and Gondoire Aménagement* signed by the promoters work in progress. Objective: to define a charter of good behavior for limit harassment observed and predicted.

What I care about is safety. Some construction sites are next to a school, there is already a lot of traffic and we have already seen problematic behaviour, trucks parked in the middle of the street blocking traffic.

Marc Pinoteau, Mayor of Collegien

Charter to enforce the rules

Noise, dust, traffic, etc proximity construction site with dwelling can create tension. A charter of good conduct must really force promoters and their representatives to follow the rules.

Especially plan commencement and completion of construction for noisethe cleanliness of the streets is related to the circulation of full trucks mud or even parking and trucking during operation.

We have provided a space for machines in standby mode so that they do not disturb traffic. If companies respect all this, it works well.

Marc Pinoteau

In addition to parking spaces, the town hall has created safe routes to facilitate access for families to the school.

High fines

The Charter provides sanctions for offenders and since the signing several fines have already been imposed to effectively enforce it, says the mayor:

These are relatively high fines, almost 500 euros. In this case, for not following the direction of traffic.

Since then, no complaints of harassment have been reported to City Hall, but elections remain vigilant. “The works should last two to three years, so we will monitor over time,” says the mayor.

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However, if residents want to raise a specific issue, a email address as well as a Mailbox they are located at the entrance to the premises.

*Private company with public capital to support local authorities from proposal to completion of real estate transactions.

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