Comments on The Eighth Wave: What’s in store for us?  by Isabella

Comments on The Eighth Wave: What’s in store for us? by Isabella

The eighth wave: What awaits us?
The number of new cases exploded in a single week. © Stock of Adobe

The number of contaminations exploded in a week. The number of screening tests as well. The eighth wave is unstoppably approaching or even already present, warns the Ministry of Health.

The eighth wave is approaching

“We let’s have the eighth wave, so you have to be careful. This is a warning from François Braun, Minister for Health, on BFMTV Marseille on September 9. Every day, the Minister of Health monitors “potential development of this epidemic“to respond as soon as we see signs of recovery”. However, the beginnings of the eighth wave are already there. The increase in the number of cases confirms this.

33% increase in cases in one week

Number contamination on Covid-19 is in sharp rise in France: +33% in one week according to Public Health France on September 12. Close to 17,000 new cases are recorded on average every day.

Omicron BA.5 highly contagious

Number screening tests He has covid too increase from two weeks. Problem: variant of Omicron BA.5. He is more contagious than previous variants. Additionally, vaccines are less effective against this subvariant.

The return of the mask?

The Minister of Health recalled the importance of conservation barrier gestures. Wear mask is part of it, especially in public transport, reminds Public Health France. if you are contact caseyou must also wear a face mask. inside like outside. You are not considered a contact case if you had Covid less than 2 months ago.

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